Friday, October 14, 2016


This turned out to be a semi challenging week. Both our dishwasher and our dryer broke. I had a midterm. Ethan isn't doing very well-he keeps grunting-spitting up- then choking. Mostly at night when he's laying flat on his back. It almost sounds like he has some nasal drip or something, but his nose is totally clear. Either way, we go back to Dr. Mary tomorrow.

Having no modern appliances means I have NO free time. Laundry is especially hard because we have 3 kids, so somebody pees on something every 10 seconds it feels like. AND we live in Kalae, so it rains off and on all day long. Hanging clothes outside is pretty useless most days...I mean, the sunlight and fresh air is nice, but not least without the dryer to finish up the drying.

The kids were being especially quiet the other morning and I went in to find this. Sophia thinks she knows how to read now. In her defense she's memorized a bunch of books and we're starting to work a lot on phonics, although maybe starting with sight words would be a better way to go.

We made homemade pizzas on the grill and these two made thier own. From rolling out the dough to doing all the toppings. It was a huge mess! Lol! But they had fun, even with me yelling to stop  making such a mess and stop eating all the raw ingredients! "Just wait until it's cooked!!!!"

So funny story. Michael has been getting scoldings a lot lately for going outside by himself without telling anyone. I heard him on the garage the other day, on the lawnmower. I went out to scold him and drag him back inside until I had a free minute to go out with him. I walked right by this site. Didn't think anything of it...when I got to the lawnmower, he was on it, with a key in his hand, trying to start it!!! Luckily he had the wrong key, but still, looks like it's time for use to secure the keys a little better or a little higher! Arg!

Daniel trimmed some trees after work one day (more in that later) and Sophia had the most pastoral Victorian existence ever. Sinking into the grass with her pencil and motebook to make a sketch of the guava tree 'en Plein Air' whilst wearing a ball gown with chickens roaming in the background. Haha. It's really just a frozen nightgown, and there's a pants less Mikey in the background. So much for true Victorian elegance. Lol!

I braided my hair and my dark roots are all kinds of horrible. Why can't it just grow a better color?!? Dammit nature!

I finished my stupid midterm and celebrated with burgers from Mrs. K's

And last but not least, somebody loves baby Ethan and "wishes he didn't have to grow big and strong and could stay a baby forever" haha. Don't we all Sophia, don't we all...