Monday, November 21, 2016

Our Trees Through The Years

I thought it would be fun to recap our Christmas Trees throughout the years, especially as I sit here and look on Amazon for what I want to do this year. Its been quite the journey, but we've done so much on the house this year I feel like I'm finally starting to find a decorating style. It's nice to finally own some things that I actually picked out, not just hand-me downs and dumpster finds....Yes. At least 3 of our nicest pieces of furniture I literally dragged out of a dumpster...but we're getting there. 

2004: I worked at Michael's, where I bought all these old lady jewel tones.

We were so young! This might have been our first Christmas together.

2010: Our first Christmas as a married couple.

2012: We were busy...we never made it to ornaments, but I kind of love this plain one the most.

2013: Getting there? Had to remove all the glass/breakable ornaments due to a certain someone.

2014: that white ribbon was hideous. I have since donated it to our Mycogen Tree. LOL

2015: Our light game has definitely improved! I bought a bunch of shatterproof ornaments from Takes. and a package of snowflakes from Amazon. the kids helped, so its a little lopsided, but overall, maybe the best one yet. We'll see what 2016 has in store :)