Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Veteran's Day beach Day

Last Friday Sophia didn't have school because of Veteran's Day. I thought it would be fun to bring the kids with me to run all my errands then go on a special beach adventure. They weren't being very well behaved in the morning and wouldn't clean up the playroom, so errands weren't as fun as I had planned, butI decided to trudge on with the beach adventure.

We stopped in town and got a pizza, then headed out to right of way for a picnic and some sun.

These two played for a little while whilst I nursed Ethan.

It was a beautiful day!

I practiced my camera setting a little---I still need more practice, LOL.

Ethan napped in the shade for a minute.

Then Michael took his pants off and ran away. Sigh. Then we had to go home.