Friday, January 27, 2017

What a week

I wish I had a picture from last week. It's a long story and a picture is worth a thousand words, so that would really make things easier.

We've been working on potty training throughout the night. Danny was on Maui all week, and we ran out of diapers. I didn't make it to the store, so it was trial by fire to see if they were ready to make it all night long.  On Tuesday Mikey made it all through the night as usual. I was super proud, but also super late, so I didn't make sure he went potty before we left.

I loaded up the kids in the truck, but then the cat got in the house. I went to grab the cat and put her out. I saw the chicken eating the dog food, etc. etc. a series of unfortunate events...

Anyway, I got back to the truck drive the kids to Auntie Gwen's, and as I got Michael out of the truck....he peed.

Now, I happened to luck out because the shop guys are super nice and my truck needed service. So, I rinsed the pee off of everything and grabbed some diapers on my way to drop off my truck at Rawlins. 

Then i used the other car seat in the meantime because it took me several days to get the car seat washed and worst of all put back together. Those damn things!

So finally clean truck, and Saturday we're heading to the beach. There were no Peking spots so Daniel dropped me off at Miskai's and circled the block. I came out a few minutes later and couldn't find him anywhere. I crossed the street to wait in the shade. 

THEN allllll the way down at the end of the block I see a crazy man waving his arms in the air like he's landing a plane, and a butt naked little guy on the sidewalk. Ugh: they were mine.

Turns out Michael had puked all over the nice clean truck. And Daniel, very flustered by the situation, took his barf clothes off and left him naked on the sidewalk while he cleaned out the truck. 😂😂😂

Lucky we live Molokai, because anywhere else this could have been a much bigger disaster.