Thursday, February 16, 2017

Chicken and Dumplings

It was really cold last week, so I wanted to make something warm and hearty but not the usual. Enter chicken and dumplings.  The meal planning conversation went a little something like this:

Jill: Hey babe, do you want me to make chicken and dumplings?
Daniel: meh, whatever you want...
Michael: No! I make dem in my MOM's kitchen.
Sophia: Ewwwwww!!! no! I don't like that!
Ethan: (coos adorably)

As the week went on, Sophia continued to profess her undying hatred for this dish that I don't think I had ever actually made since before her time of enjoying solid foods. 

Fast forward to today:
Sophia: Mom, I'm hunnnnngry
Jill: Ok, I'm making dinner.
Jill: Yes, dinner. Go Play!
Sophia: What is that?
Sophia: I don't like that.
Sophia: I don't want  that. 
Sophia: Can I eat something else?

Finally set the table and sit down for dinner.
Sophia: (quietly chewing)
Sophia: What's this?
Jill: A dumpling
Sophia: Whats this?
Jill: Chicken....
Sophia: I LOVE this chicken and dumplings, and I like the chicken and I like the dumplings and I like the carrots and I like the peas and I like the dumplings. I really like the dumplings.
Sophia: Can I have more?
Sophia: Well, orange chicken and rice is my favorite, but chicken and dumplings is my other favorite.


1 T butter
3 chicken breasts
1 Onion
1/4 thing of celery
1/2 C baby carrots
1/4 tsp salt
4 TBS flour
1/4 C white wine
5 cups Water
4 bullion cubes
1 C Milk
1/4 tsp thyme
2 tsp tarragon
4 bay leaves
1 can peas

2 C flour
1T baking powder
1 tsp salt
3 TBS butter
1 C milk

Sautee veggies. Cook chicken. remove chicken, the the rest of the stuff to make a nice hot soup.
Mix up the dumplings- drop them in as big or as small as you like. Shred the chicken while the dumplings boil in the soup for about 10-15 min. Return the chicken, stir and serve!