Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Valentine's Crafts

If there's anything I love, its a holiday themed craft! This year Michael, Sophia and I settled in one afternoon and baked some haole brownies and made valentines. 

We made THESE blondies from Smitten Kitchen. They were good, but not quite cakey enough for me. I might try again with more flour. 

Sophia's getting good at writing everyone's name. I don't even have to tell her how to spell them anymore. 

washi tape fo' dayzzzzzzzzzzz

Glue Stick+Michael=Disaster

more washi tape...and more...and more...and more washi tape

Toddlers+Scissors=Another Recipe for Disaster. Nah, she did great!

And little Ethan sat by looking cute. Too bad my focus was way off on this one- can you tell his eyes look like they're turning brown- not yet though- they're griege.
I wish I took pictures of the envelopes because I addressed them all fancy and Daniel got coordinating stamps. LOL. Hoolehua Post Office is home of the Post-A-Nut. The only place in Hawaii where you can decorate a coconut and mail it to the mainland. Its probably fitting that our PO box is there because we mail an awful lot of purely decorative items.😄