Thursday, March 2, 2017

DIY White Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Are handmade gifts always better- probably yes. However, this one was born out of necessity. We live on a small island with a limited supply of many things- chocolate Easter bunnies being one of them. One year, i procrastinated as usual, and the Easter Bunny did not make it to our house with any bunnies. I vowed to NEVER EVER let something so horrible (haha- the kids were too young to even notice, but anyway...) happen ever again. 

So, I went straight to amazon, and spent a whopping $7 on bunny molds. At the time, walmart was still shipping here so I splurged on fancy chocolate chips and made some bunnies. 

It really couldn't be easier (or cheaper!) One bag of chips can make like 10 solid sides. even more if you clip the molds together and make hollow bunnies. 

First, wash and dry your molds.

Melt chocolate in microwave- 20 sec at a time until its all creamy. ours only took 2 20sec rounds. 

Mmmmm, Ghirardelli- plus, $2.50 for 5-15 bunnies; that's a steal!

Spoon in the chocolate. Tap gently to release any bubbles. 

let them harden, then flip over and gently bend/tap to remove. They came out really easy- no grease or anything needed. 


How Cute!