Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

Ahhhhhhh... Aloha Friday... Everyone's favorite day of the week. 

I'm soooooo ready for this weekend, and to start it off, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things from this week. First of all- my favorite dinner, which I made for us tonight- vermicelli bowls! they're so good! I love this recipe: Click Here and almost always make some variation of it. Tonight we had fresh cilantro and mint from the garden!

vermicelli bowl recipe

Silly Sophia, enjoying her dinner.

TGIF! bitmojis got my week like...


But seriously, who can be depressed when you wake up to this! Sweet little Ethan! I could just stare at his little baby face all day long.

Daniel's ace bartering system got us some yard work. We finally got some stumps pulled out. Remember when I asked him to do this as my Mother's day gift....A whole year ago...But, it looks so good, it was totally worth the wait!

The boys "helped" me bake a mid-week sprinkle cake.

Since Daniel was on Lanai and Sophia was on Spring Break we had movie-night every night! And we watched Moana at least once every night...and what would you know, we're watching Moana again right now as I type this...what can I say except you're welcome...

I got dressed in real outfits for the first time in awhile. i'm in that oh so glamourous transition where my fat pants are a little too loose, but my skinny jeans are still waaaaaaaaaaay too tight. LOL. It's great. LOL.

And then this happened. In case you've ever wanted to know the answer to the question "what's nerdier, plant breeding, or word of warcraft?" Well, the answer is plant breeding, but just barely...Doh!

Well, that's all for today, I'm off to get my hook from Tamatoa...I mean go to sleep so I can yard sale tomorrow. Haha. You're welcome.