Monday, March 20, 2017


So here's a somewhat entertaining story of the mishaps of our day today.

Daniel's working off island, so I have the kids by myself. Ethan has been super clingy and barely slept at all last night and when we did sleep I had super weird and creepy dreams.

Rushing out the door this morning we discovered that Reggie had chewed up yet another of the kids toys. The latest causality was a bug box that we had waited months for Santa's elves to make a new one to replace the one Reggie chewed up last year. Add in Michael's one that he chewed up and that damn dog has eaten $30 worth of bug boxes!!

I made the kids and myself have leftover vegetables for lunch, which I'll admit, weren't even very good the first round, let alone as leftovers: I have about 100 good recipes, but for whatever reason, I decided microwaved potatoes and carrots would be an acceptable side dish- spoiler alert-it never is. 😂

Anyway, I thought I'd make up for it, so I thawed out some chicken, wrapped it in bacon, lit up our new (already rusting) grill.

Side note. This is the first time in my WHOLE ENTIRE THIRTYTWO YEARS of life that I have ever had the prividlege of using, let alone owning, a grill with a working starter button! My days of singed hair and digging through the whole damn house to find a lighter are gone! Long gone!

While the chicken got a head start, I cut up a fresh pineapple and peppers and onion, and let the kids make skewers. I went back to put them on, and noticed the chicken wasn't cooking quite so fast. I turned up the dials and went to nurse clingy little Ethan. 

10 minutes later I realized that our food wasn't cooking wasn't cooking at all. We ran out of propane. 

So, I shuffled my disheartened kids and crying baby inside to get a pan and transfer everything to the oven. 

I came back, just seconds later, and the dang cat had grabbed one of the chicken breasts off of the non-hot grill. It must have still been hot enough because she flung it out of her mouth off the lanai. And before I could even register what had just happened, Stranger dog swooped in and scarfed it up. There went our lunch for tomorrow!

After transferring the food (what remained of it) to the kitchen, I realized we were out of BBQ sauce. And the store had been closed for 20 minutes...


So we made due with what crazy ingredients we did have. We made pirate hats and ate ice cream as a first course and watched Modern Family and The Voice. Glass. Half. Full.