Thursday, April 20, 2017

Le sigh

Vapid. That's my word for the day. My life used to be so wonderfully, blissfully vapid. Now it's real. Real and raw and terrible. I used to have the luxury of spending hours on hours picking theme outfits for my kids' holidays. Finding the perfect this or the perfect that, making everything around me as beautiful as I could. 

It just doesn't feel right to be writing about recipes and diy projects and everything when my whole world is imploding. But as anyone who knows me knows...I can't help but ramble. 

Maybe I'll make a 2018 New Years resolution to be concise. I doubt that will stick. 

A few years ago I described Molokai as a snow globe. This incredibly gorgeous world exists trapped forever inside the most fragile glass bubble. And every so often, something comes along and puts a little chink in the glass. Or someone leaves the globe and causes a big piece of glass to go missing from their exit. Not just does the glass get marred and cracked, but all the water slowly seeps out, and the world has lost its magic. Maybe that's not life on Molokai, maybe that's life in general.

So maybe that's all the rambling I have for today.