Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mikey's b-day eve

3 years ago at this moment I was going to bed thinking "ugh! Why did I eat so many cheetos and hotdogs at the beach earlier" lo and behold, It wasn't my crappy food choices making my stomach hurt; I was in labor with one of the three greatest miracles that I have ever  been blessed with. My love language is handmade gifts, so when my middle beebs wanted "a strawberry cake" this year, mom was happy to oblige. I love holidays-all of them. Hell, I love any reason to celebrate. But since bringing children into this world-literally- birthdays finally have a special meaning. I love decorating and making cakes and special meals because it's my way to reflect on that very special interval that got them here. None of my labors have been particularly easy- Michaels was especially terrible- but they were all more than worth it. The last three years has taken us in so many directions that I never would have imagined, but to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. And I can honestly say that every minute of the last three years has been made better by the presence of one special little dude, and I can't wait to celebrate him tomorrow.