Monday, May 8, 2017

(Backup) Scenes from our weekend

This weekend marks the end of my illness leave. 

Am I ready to face everyone tomorrow? No, but whatever, I will manage. I always do. 

"Somehow I Manage" by Michael G. Scott?

Am I ready to leave Ethan for 8 whole hours? No, I'm terrified! I'm not really sure how I'm going to cope with that one.

However I am ready to move forward, because I guess that's all I can do, just keep showing up everyday and hoping for the best. Try to focus on the positive, set some new goals and achieve them. There's really no other option.

We had a nice weekend all in all. Daniel showed me the well pimp he's been working on all week. Gorgeous!!!

I made copycat Cinnabon rolls! Sooooo good! Recipe coming in a later post.

Sophia stole my phone, so I got a bunch of random cute pics 😊

We made it to church. 

This little boo got invited to be a flower girl in Auntie Desi's wedding! 💖🎉



This little cutie-patootie cut his first tooth!!!! His bottom front right one! The left is on its way to come through that gum any day now! Side note- he's lovin' his sweet potatoes! 😂

And I had a lot of tea and a lot of blue and white!