Friday, May 5, 2017

Banana Time!

I am so sick of painting! Everyday I wonder why the previous owners would paint the entire interior of this house walnut brown!?!? WHY?!?!?!?

Anyway, I took a brief break from painting to go cut down a bunch of bananas. Our banana patch is pretty small and was here when we moved in. I thought they were definitely apple bananas, but the last two bunches have been pretty bitter, so maybe they're just cooking bananas. Or maybe it's some trees of each. I'm not really sure how you tell except for tasting them.

Actually, after googling it for the last 40 minutes I'm pretty sure the bunch I cut, and the patch on the west? Side is cooking bananas, and the patch on the other side is hopefully apple. The apple bananas seem to be stubbier.

The bunch I cut down. The ends are kind of pointy and the tree was tall. Both trademarks of cooking bananas.

Cooking? Bunch: 

Our banana patch. I'm assuming cooking on the left, apple on the right. (I hope so anyway)  

The next bunch to be ready. I'm hopeful that these are apple bananas. However, I'm just guessing. Maybe when it's time to cut them down in a week or two I will have found someone who actually knows anything about of our neighbors grows several varieties I know, maybe I'll ask them.

And this cool little guy was all about staring at me until I tried to take his picture, then he ran away!