Saturday, May 20, 2017

Happy 8 Months Ethan Kekoa!

A few days late, but we were on Oahu for doctors appointments for Ethan's actual 8 month-aversiry on the 17th.

Ethan Kekoa,

You are such an incredible little boy.

You got your first tooth this month!!!!! It's your bottom front one on your right! The one on the left is  on its way behind it.

You also got a real haircut this month. A number 4 all around!

You LOVE LOVE LOVE your brother and sister. You smile and giggle and go crazy when they entertain you.

You like solid foods, baby food and table food. you eat pretty much everything now. You've also tried some dairy _ You love puffs, and you are getting good at picking them up and getting them into your mouth all by yourself.

You are still nursing.

Michael runs around telling everyone to look at you proclaiming "Look at this cutie-patootie!! Eeefan is one cutie-patootie!"

You LOVE playing with all your baby toys. You like the stacking sets and rattles and balls now.

Your sleeping is finally starting to get back to normal. Your doctor's appointments have all been going well.

You're babbling a little bit and you talk in a sing-song voice a lot and its adorable!

You can definitely roll. You are not crawling or pulling up yet, but you like to stand and bounce and pretend walk while mom and dad hold your hands.

Mommy, Daddy, Sophia and Michael love you so so so so so so so so much!


P.S. You weren't really into getting your 8 month sticker picture taken,  but then  while I was putting the camera away to try again tomorrow- you apparently pulled your sticker off and crumpled it up. So...this is what we got.