Friday, August 11, 2017

Fashion Friday

I've been considering acting a little more like a mature adult. LOL. So, part of that is pulling together a cohesive outfit on a daily basis. I actually really enjoy planning outfits...they just don't really work out with my incredibly complex set of stipulations (Hawaii in late summer-so its unbearably hot, mixed with I have to wear long pants and long sleeves and closed toe shoes to work. I spend half of my day in a nice office and the other half in a sweaty field of corn, bugs and red dirt. I love to accessorize, but I have tiny people pulling all my jewelry off.) Anyway, I've followed some new fashion accounts on instagram, and was inspired to pull this together.


P.S. The other parts of being an adult include upping my skincare regimen, figuring out something much more productive to do with my day trading account,  reading more, and i'm going to try to squeeze in some podcasts....oh, and writing a paper on molecular breeding- that's pretty adult.

And, after writing this post "losing my last 12 pounds of baby weight" should probably also be added to the to-do list. Eeek. Someday...LOL.