Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ice Cream Sugar Cookies

A few months ago I had a Williams Sonoma coupon and as usual, one of those e-mails in my inbox proclaiming "Summer Sale"

Well, what's more summery than novelty ice cream shaped sugar cookies?

Michael and I set out to make these and it was super fun...for all of about 15 minutes. LOL. Daniel claims that sometimes I choose to do crafts that are a little above the patience level of a 5/3 and almost 1 year old….and I’d have to agree. These cookies are a prime example. LOL. They’re the perfect afternoon activity for a retired person with air conditioning, gobs of patience, a love of cookies, and no other plans for the next 15 hours.  Hahaha.

Even if they were a bit on the difficult side (and we didn’t even get as fancy as we could have!) they were still super cute and really delicious.

We used our same old sugar cookie recipe that I use every holiday season, but I tried a new icing recipe. It was ok.

I liked how the icing dried almost hard so you ‘could’ stack them. I think it would be totally fine if you lived in a normal place or had air conditioning. The flavor was just meh- not bad by any means, but not ‘can’t stop licking the bowl super delicious’. The workability was tricky. You really have to watch the milk. It’s just a tiny amount, but too much and it’s too runny (as you can see in some of the tan parts) too little milk and your hand will cramp from trying to decorate with it.

I also used Wilton gel coloring to tint the icing, and the colors came out a little brighter than what I was going for. A little goes a LONG way with the gel coloring! For the blue it was literally a dab from a toothpick into the whole batch of icing!

He may be making a grumpy face for the picture, but he really was having fun :)

Ethan was more interested in the cat than the cookies :)

2 Cups powdered sugar
2 TBS corn syrup
2TBS milk
1/2 tsp vanilla

Whip it up with your Kitchen Aid. Add another few drops of milk very sparingly if it’s too thick. Spoon into pastry bags with tips for decorating.

Like I said, a good icing- but maybe not the absolute best ever. I’ll try out a new recipe next time and let you know how it goes J