Thursday, August 10, 2017

Maui Weekend!

I had a doctor's appointment on Maui last Friday, and since my mom is visiting, it was the perfect opportunity to bring the fam. Michael and Ethan flew over with Daniel and I on Friday morning, then my mom brought Sophia over after school Friday afternoon. 

Michael and Sophia got to see a movie in a theater for the SECOND time in their entire lives. #molokaiproblems. We saw Dispicable Me3 and despite not having seen 1 or 2, it was a super cute movie and the story line totally made sense.

 We stayed at the Palms at Wailea and it was GORG. We normally stay at the Maui Seaside because it's cheap and close to all the stores, but they were full. We also always used to stay at the Pioneer Inn, but now that the Ferry no longer runs between Molokai and Maui, it makes staying in Lahaina pretty inconvenient.

The keiki were pretty rowdy, but I guess we can't really blame them, it has been over a year since Michael or Sophia has been off island. That's crazy and we obviously need to make a bigger effort to travel more.