Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rose garden attempts

I saw on Pinterest that you could start new rose bushes from old florist roses. 

Attempt number one was right before Easter, around 1 month ago. I cut the stems of fresh flowers and put them in soil in a ziploc. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my rooting hormone. Things were looking good, and a few of the stems were even growing new leaves, but when I opened the bag today, nothing had roots :(

I tried again with Daniel's Mom's left over Mother's Day flowers.

They were already kinda dead, and I didn't realize until I pulled everything apart that they were cut stems in foam :( I tried anyway with the few I could salvage. None had and leaves, but on the plus side, I found my rooting hormone!!! (I had put it in the fridge with the jelly-go figure)

And then I remembered from college you can do mums too!

But again, no leaves, so we'll see...