Sunday, June 18, 2017


I've been trying really hard to finally get back into shape after having Ethan. Ok, not really, but I've started walking some and I want to get back into a routine yoga practice.

Yoga is a little harder to come by due to my work schedule and the kids' busy activity schedule-and it's just plain hard to come by on Molokai at all. But that being said, there's an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL place where and charming lady leads a session each Saturday and Sunday. I don't make it often because with drive time, it takes a huge chunk out of my day. But I went today and it was FAB.

I mean, just look at this place! 😍😍😍

Friday, June 16, 2017

Our beautiful backyard


This new blogging app is seriously the worst! Again, I now have a bunch of outdated posts that it never published because it timed out. Le sigh.

Anyway, in happy news, I sold my damn VICAL stock today that I've had forever and lost a lot of money on. Ok, maybe that's not happy news, but it's a milestone none the less.

And I'm happy news that's actually happy, our backyard has a bunch of super cool plants! Michael and I dug up some potatoes today! (And some nasty invasive slugs which we squished-yuck!) 

Our heirloom tomatoes are taking FOREVER to ripen! I hope they're worth it! 

I picked my first tomatillo today! a) I'm not sure when you're supposed to pick them b) I'm not sure how to run them into delicious salsa verde... but I will learn both.🤓

We have a yellow marigold blooming-that's cool.

Our avocados and Kona Sugarlaof pineapples are growing well. My herb pots are pretty, and our first ever volunteer papaya continues to be our very best producer. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

How to grow raspberries from seed

So, I ordered some seed from Amazon. And it didn't come with any instructions. 

Blackberry seeds need to be stratified and scarified- I think. I read that anyway, but I'm not sure if they NEED it, or it just helps.

I'm also not sure if the seeds I bought already underwent either of these treatments or not.

So, I tried two things yesterday.

1. I just planted half a packet outside in a pot.
2. I planted the other half in a small pot and put it in the garage fridge. 

Now, we'll just wait and see what (if anything) happens.

I also planted some cucumbers in the side bed with new soil. And I planted two coffee plants next to our new electric box.