Friday, August 25, 2017

2 weeks off work and a bathroom update!


Sooooooooooooooooooo....biggest news in the last 6 years...I quit my job!!! And I got a new job that I start on Monday.

Because of the way my contract was, I had to put in a written two weeks notice, and because I'm going to work for a competitor they had to pay me out for my two weeks. YAY!

So that means I had two glorious weeks off work. Well, if i had that much time, how come I haven't been blogging? I did sooooo many house projects!

Let's start with the biggest impact one. The bathroom. rememebr what it looked like before???

Check it out here!
And how we've been living for the last 3 years. Better, but not great.

For the easy part- I got new matching towels from Target, with a 20% off home code and a new shower curtain from TJMAXX. Total investment $60.

For the medium part- I painted the vanity with leftover gel stain from the lanai. It's still ugly, but slightly less so.

For the hard part- I painted and stenciled the floor tile!!! AGGGGGggggggh! What was I thinking?!?! It looks great and it was a great interim solution since we'll probably be living with this bathroom for two more years while we remodel. Total cost $30 in primer and $15 in pain and $4.88 in stencil and $6 in brushes. But I have soooo much paint left over so in reality this project cost like $15.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Fashion Friday

I've been considering acting a little more like a mature adult. LOL. So, part of that is pulling together a cohesive outfit on a daily basis. I actually really enjoy planning outfits...they just don't really work out with my incredibly complex set of stipulations (Hawaii in late summer-so its unbearably hot, mixed with I have to wear long pants and long sleeves and closed toe shoes to work. I spend half of my day in a nice office and the other half in a sweaty field of corn, bugs and red dirt. I love to accessorize, but I have tiny people pulling all my jewelry off.) Anyway, I've followed some new fashion accounts on instagram, and was inspired to pull this together.


P.S. The other parts of being an adult include upping my skincare regimen, figuring out something much more productive to do with my day trading account,  reading more, and i'm going to try to squeeze in some podcasts....oh, and writing a paper on molecular breeding- that's pretty adult.

And, after writing this post "losing my last 12 pounds of baby weight" should probably also be added to the to-do list. Eeek. Someday...LOL.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Maui Weekend!

I had a doctor's appointment on Maui last Friday, and since my mom is visiting, it was the perfect opportunity to bring the fam. Michael and Ethan flew over with Daniel and I on Friday morning, then my mom brought Sophia over after school Friday afternoon. 

Michael and Sophia got to see a movie in a theater for the SECOND time in their entire lives. #molokaiproblems. We saw Dispicable Me3 and despite not having seen 1 or 2, it was a super cute movie and the story line totally made sense.

 We stayed at the Palms at Wailea and it was GORG. We normally stay at the Maui Seaside because it's cheap and close to all the stores, but they were full. We also always used to stay at the Pioneer Inn, but now that the Ferry no longer runs between Molokai and Maui, it makes staying in Lahaina pretty inconvenient.

The keiki were pretty rowdy, but I guess we can't really blame them, it has been over a year since Michael or Sophia has been off island. That's crazy and we obviously need to make a bigger effort to travel more. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Glads and Zinnias

Another Wordless Wednesday Post of my backyard flowers :)


Sophia started public school last week. Well, kind of anyway- her school is a charter school. In related news, I just learned what a charter school is. Either way, it's official: We have a kindergartner.

Sophia is such a spunky sassy little lady, and as frustrating as that can be, I am so so proud of her. She makes her own way, she doesn't settle and she definitely won't be taken advantage of. LOL. She's smart and creative and....unlike either of her parents, an athlete. 

Soph also had her last volleyball game of the season. I have to say, she probably didn't like volleyball as much as she LOVED basketball, but I'm glad she tried it, and when I asked her if she wanted to play next season she answered with an emphatic "YES! I LOVE VOLLEYBALL"

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday Portraits!

Last Sunday everyone was dressed all cute and matching for church, so I thought we could try to get a good family portrait. Well. I thought wrong. LOL. 

It was windy and no one wanted to smile. LOL

At least a couple with my Mom turned out pretty good.


This one actually turned out ok. It may end up being one for the wall :)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

A funny Michael Story

This Saturday, everyone one woke up early, and all the keiki were getting super rowdy and after lunch it was time to settle down and have afternoon quiet time. 

Michael and Sophia had the option of hanging out quietly on the couches with a book or movie or puzzle. BUT they couldn't do it. LOL. They were arguing and yelling and carrying on. So I told Michael he had to go take a nap. 

This kid still sleeps in his crib, not because he has to but because he wants to. And, this kid still takes a nap almost every day: in this case, not because he wants to, but because he needs one. LOL. Poor little guy gets over tired and super crabby with out his afternoon rest. 

To preface this story, Mikey's at the age where he picks up and repeats EVERYTHING! For example, he's been running around yelling "I"m feeling HOT HOT HOT" HE must have heard that on a commercial somewhere. and he also picked up parts of "the check on rule" from Sophia, so now every night before bed he come up to me and says "Mom, you can make the check-on rule" 

Anyway, I laid him down for his "short nap" (as he calls it) on Saturday and he wasn't too happy about it. I went back to the living room, and heard some yelling- "I don't like naps, I don't want to take a nap., etc." and then " get me out of this DAMN crib" ..."you damn damn mom"

LOL. Not funny, but also too too funny. Thankfully he's too little to know what that means, or to even know what bad words are in general. Haha. So this was an easy "that's not a nice word, we shouldn't say that word"

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ice Cream Sugar Cookies

A few months ago I had a Williams Sonoma coupon and as usual, one of those e-mails in my inbox proclaiming "Summer Sale"

Well, what's more summery than novelty ice cream shaped sugar cookies?

Michael and I set out to make these and it was super fun...for all of about 15 minutes. LOL. Daniel claims that sometimes I choose to do crafts that are a little above the patience level of a 5/3 and almost 1 year old….and I’d have to agree. These cookies are a prime example. LOL. They’re the perfect afternoon activity for a retired person with air conditioning, gobs of patience, a love of cookies, and no other plans for the next 15 hours.  Hahaha.

Even if they were a bit on the difficult side (and we didn’t even get as fancy as we could have!) they were still super cute and really delicious.

We used our same old sugar cookie recipe that I use every holiday season, but I tried a new icing recipe. It was ok.

I liked how the icing dried almost hard so you ‘could’ stack them. I think it would be totally fine if you lived in a normal place or had air conditioning. The flavor was just meh- not bad by any means, but not ‘can’t stop licking the bowl super delicious’. The workability was tricky. You really have to watch the milk. It’s just a tiny amount, but too much and it’s too runny (as you can see in some of the tan parts) too little milk and your hand will cramp from trying to decorate with it.

I also used Wilton gel coloring to tint the icing, and the colors came out a little brighter than what I was going for. A little goes a LONG way with the gel coloring! For the blue it was literally a dab from a toothpick into the whole batch of icing!

He may be making a grumpy face for the picture, but he really was having fun :)

Ethan was more interested in the cat than the cookies :)

2 Cups powdered sugar
2 TBS corn syrup
2TBS milk
1/2 tsp vanilla

Whip it up with your Kitchen Aid. Add another few drops of milk very sparingly if it’s too thick. Spoon into pastry bags with tips for decorating.

Like I said, a good icing- but maybe not the absolute best ever. I’ll try out a new recipe next time and let you know how it goes J