Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Yep. That's my beautiful daughter standing in a pile of work and homework that she just scribbled all over and stomped on. 

It's moments like this when I realize I can't have it all. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Baby Number Two- 26 week update

26 weeks! Baby is the size of a head of lettuce! He's practicing breathing in there! 

Mommy is craving: nothing special, but our garden is going pretty good so we've been eating lots of fresh veggies for lunch.

Mommy is feeling: bored, with an insane desire to be constantly multi tasking. It's really hard to focus on anything right now. 

Mommy has gained 23 pounds! The scale just keeps going up, so hopefully you're nice and healthy in there. Mommy has been trying a lot harder to exercise, but with work, school,  and taking care of our family, it's really hard to find the time. I try to walk around my fields, but even that is hard to fit in sometimes. Oh to be a stay at home mom :)

26 weeks!

And one with your cheesy sister

Monday, January 20, 2014

Raw foods diet

Lunch for tomorrow, all fresh from our garden!

Not a bad deal after yesterday's lunch of churros from Goods and Grindz. You know what they say "the best things in life are fried"

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Manae Canoe Club Beach Day

New beach today!!! I don't know how we've lived here this long and never been to this beach. It is gorgeous! And perfect for kids.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Baby Number Two- 25 week update

25 weeks! Baby's Kicks are much more forceful. My round ligament pains have made a sudden and painful, but very sporadic reappearance. Baby is anout the size of a rutabaga.

Mommy is craving... rootbeer!!! still!!! its just so good!!!

Mommy has gained... 21 pounds! i'm up to 149 and feeling FAT!

Mommy is feeling... Fine. Classes started this week, which sucks!!! I'm really reconsidering this masters project. There are about a million things I would rather do with my time and it makes me feel like a bad mom.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Portrait a week 1/52

Hanging out with Daddy at Paddlers. Wearing your sunglasses upside down. You like to wear them on top of your head like Mommy does.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby number two 24 week update

Twenty four weeks today! I can't believe it! Baby is the size of a cantaloupe. Mommy is feeling exhausted from his big sister; Sophia is a handful! Mommy has gained about 20 pounds already and she can definitely tell because her pants don't fit anymore!!! Its somewhat depressing, but everyone says its easier to gain weight with your second one.

In other news, it was a BEAUTIFUL day today!

While I was making this dinner of manwich and green beans with walnuts and feta:

Daniel was supposed to be watching Sophia, but let her go pick all the semi ripe strawberries instead...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pinterest tortellini

So I got the pin from here

But all my crock pots were at work, so I took these things:

Cooked the sausage, cut up the lettucey green (no spinich

Deglaze the pan

Make sure your window is open, because who has a range hood- no one I know

Blend up the diced tomatoes for your super picky eaters

Dump everything else in the pot on medium heat

Put in the greens and Let it cook for about 20-40 min

It got really think and hamburger helper-y. And that was the finished product.

The verdict:

Total cost $30. And that's with free stuff from the garden.HOLY SHIT!!! But it did make about 6-8

Taste: pretty good :) Sophia loved it, but she loves all noodles

Ease: super easy and easy cleanup. Only one pot and one spoon

Healthy ness: moderate

Cucumber wraps

New year, new recipes. I saw this recipe on Pinterest:

Cut up one beautiful cucumber from your awesome garden

Layer each tortilla with 1 wedge of laughing cow, 3 slices of smoked turkey, and part of the cucumbers.

Fulfill your New Years resolution to grate your own cheese. Mmmmm... Fresh grated cheese!

Roll em up

Cut the ends off and feed them to your hungry/ crabby toddler/husband. Then put toothpicks and cut the rest up to share. Viola. Healthy, easy, and tasty.

Lazy Saturday

Yesterday was a nice lazy Saturday. It started out with a roll of Pillsbury Grands cinnamon rolls. It's still wired to me to eat bean name food, and we normally do get Best Yet Cinnamon rolls from Misakis. But I'm glad we didn't yesterday. I don't know if Pillsbury is actually better, or it was the "grandness" of them, or the fact that I cooked them in a metal pan at 325 instead of on the stone at 350... But they were freaking delish.

I tried to make a shopping list, but Sophia colored all over it

Then we went shopping and I w as only able to buy about half of what I wanted. #molokaiproblems 
AND it cost about $200 :( that's a week of groceries for a family of 3 here. The price you pay to live in paradise, I guess.

We got home made some pretty dang good cucumber wraps and headed to the beach. But not before saying goodbye to baby Jesus and putting him to bed with the mini farm animals in the people guys barn...

And it was a beautiful beach day!


Friday, January 3, 2014

You're making it hard for me to be the parent I always thought I would be.

Danny had to do something for work that he said would be quick. I came home to pick up the house and spend the morning with Soph. I made her an adorable little "nack" with chocolate chips as an extra treat:

And how does she show her apprrciation?

That's right. Licking the tops off then smearing the rest into the couch cushions i just washed. an then screaming when i wouldn't give her "mo" chocolate chips. I love her, but parenting is definitely a thankless job :(

Later I went to switch the laundry, someone followed me outside and promptly sat in a mud puddle. You know what they say, when life gives you mud; make mud pies...

And then get a bath to clean up.

Which will soon turn into yet another screaming crying fit for no reason.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pita pizzas

Well, I was all prepared to be super crafty tonight and make a new Pinterest recipe for garlic Parmesan knots. First off we were missing about 3/4 of the ingredients. I said screw it and decided to make them anyway. I opened the fridge to find that a can of biscuits had burst open. Threw that one away. Grabbed one that said "grands" opened it... And as you can see, we're now having pita pizzas with a side of crescent rolls because I grabbed the wrong can...

Regardless, Sophia loved it :)

Too bad she's acting like a little snot tonight... Testing her boundaries, I guess :(

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy new year

New row of zinnias, lavender, and windflowers planted... But it's January 1st, so we'll see if they grow or not...

New swing has first coat of varnish.

New crock lids are stained. Very disappointed in Pottery Barn this time :(

Old toy basket is free from mold and recoated with some polyurethane.

Chickens got new haircuts.

And their pen got the beginnings of a makeover.

Some pink callas bulbs got planted, hopefully they grow!

A decent amount of laundry wash washed.

And folded.

And put away.

The oven was self cleaned of its post Christmas dinner grime.

And then I actually finished cleaning it. Just like new! Except for the RUST SPOTS on the bottom!!! Come on Molokai!!! It's only 3 years old!!! Give me a break with ruing all my possessions!!!

And both animals were treated against fleas, ticks, worms, and other parasites. Penny got a few of her nails trimmed, but she's too busy hiding from the leftover fireworks that are being shot off to pose for a picture.

Sophia took her THIRD nap in her big girl bed; the smoothest one to date!

So far it's been a very productive new year. Now Here's to the Next 364 days of Slacking Off!!!