Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mycogen Thanksgiving 2015

You will notice that this post contains no photos of the actual event mentioned in the title. This is for many reasons:

1. I'm tired. I'm so so so tired
2. I actually hate my job. I know I joke about it all the time, but now it's actually true. Sad, I know
3. Organizing this event was nothing like how it was in the old days, and not in a positive way
4. I purposely didn't bring my new camera, probably just because I was just in that bad of a mood, but who knows really.

Anyway, the food was great! We didn't exactly run out, but being a LeRoy, my greatest fear was realized by the fact that we came really close and everyone wasn't able to eat until they couldn't possibly eat anymore.

I really am grateful for our crews, temps, seasonals, and technical staff, they're pretty awesome. It does still make me sad that I don't really know a lot of the new ones, and so many of the ones I started with don't work there anymore...for the same reasons that I don't WANT to work there anymore. But oh well, I know I still have much to be thankful for, so I'll quit complaining about how incredibly discouraged I've become and focus on the good.

1. The food was great
2. I love our crews, they deserve way more thanks than I do and they probably get way less.
3. We all got a long lunch out of the deal
4. The power went out at 2:15 so we got to bust out of the boring a$$ planning meeting early!!!!
5. I have a job at all
6. That job pays my outrageous grocery bills. 
7. I'm healthy and able to prepare food for anyone I so like this :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hawaii Fact- Ribbed Soda Cans

Have you guys always wondered why Hawaii is the only place in the world that has crazy ridges or on the top of thier soda cans? I have! What's even more weird is today, I realized that I had totally forgotten about this. Ribbed soda cans seem normal; I actually bought a SanPellegrino and thought for a second "that can looks weird"....

There's actually a story behind this. I guess all soda cans used to look like this, but then in the 80's to reduce costs, can makers made a change in the design to use less raw materials. Hawaii only has one can making plant, and it was too expensive to change it over to the new way, so here we are 30 some years later with ribbed top cans. 

The whole story can be found here:

Hawaii Style Can

Other Can

And that concludes today's interesting Hawaii factoid :)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Aloha Week 2015

This post is pretty late, since I just got the pics off the old camera. But it was a beautiful Festival of Aloha this year. And it may have also been the hottest weekend in the history of the planet. Haha.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

One Last Halloween Pic :)

Because in my opinion, Fall never lasts long enough :)

And because in Hawaii, it's too hot to wear pants, and you can cool off with popsicles in October.

Thai Red Curry Carrot Soup

This stuff was gooooooooooood! Actually, Daniel didn't like it, but he's pretty picky, so I still considered it a win.

I saw a recipe on Instagram, but of course we were missing half of the ingredients, so here was ours:

2TBS butter/margarine/olive oil...whatevah
1 small onion
2-3 cloves garlic
7-10 carrots or 3/4 bag baby carrots
1 box beef stock  (32oz)
3 cups water
1 cup sweet rice
2TBS red curry paste
1/2 can coconut milk
Juice of one HUGE lime (or 2-3 small)

Top with Fresh Basil and Avocado

The original recipe had spiralized zucchini instead of rice and cilantro instead of basil, and it had bell peppers, but we had none of those, so we ended up with this. BUT our basil and avocados were from our very own garden!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Monday, November 9, 2015

An Ugly @$$ Kitchen Update

Well, First of all, this is the only "kitchen before" photo I could find....

This weekend I said "what the hell" and painted the bottom cabinets white. Unfortunately our kitchen is still a hot mess. From the one side with no cabinets, to the 70's turned 80's look of the white ones, to the complete lack of doors on the top (because the nasty formaldehyde filled pressed wood was decomposing before our eyes and I didn't want flakes falling into my cooking area-GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Anyway, It looks different, better may be an overstatement. But either way, it is brighter, more cheerful, and maybe a half step closer to what I want it to look like :)

Thursday, November 5, 2015


This lady is SASSSSSSSSSSSSSSY. But we love her :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy 18 Months, Michael Agapito

Oh, Mikey BooBoo,

You are 18 months old. You actually seem way older. You weigh 30 pounds. You wear at least size 2T; you just had a growth spurt. You have a ton of teeth (16, I think!!!) Your canines were the last to come in. Now that you're about done teething you're finally less grumpy.

You're still stuck on your dang bottles of milk, and you're a very picky eater. you really still only want milk. At least you drink cow's milk. unfortunately, milk is $9 a gallon here, and you drink AT LEAST 2 gallons a week. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

You love to read books and play ball. You're saying a ton of words!  maybe it;s just because we're your parents, but you seem to speak very clearly and enunciate very well. You know all of your animal noises, NO, go, out, up, book, cockroach, bottle, milk, Mom, Dad, Izzy, hooray, that, please, thank you, stop, poop, ewww, yuck and probably more that I can't think of right now.

You can point to your nose, eyes, ears, hair, and head. Sometimes you do a few more, but only when you're in the mood.

Your hair is still blonde, your eyes are 100% brown. Pretty dark brown, actually. You are one handsome little dude!

Haha, you still make this grumpy face pretty often.

You love to "sing" and dance to "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" and the "Hokey Pokey" and the Sunday School CD in the car.