Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Activities

This weekend was Chock full of Halloween Activities. Luckily I finished all the costumes in time. The kids all wore their Halloween jammies as much as possible all week. It was the cutest!!!!

Sophia had a Fall Harvest party at her school (they don't celebrate Halloween) The kids get to dress up and play games and make cupcakes. Michael got to go again this year and HE HAD  A BLAST!!! He loves getting to be a big kid and go to Sophia's school. Sophia had fun too, but I'm not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing that I went with her. Being the oldest is tough. She's so independent that sometimes we forget that she's only 4...still a baby. 

 We went to Arce's Octoberfest. Its my fault, because I wanted to go to the grocery store and get some ingredients for all my weekend baking, and I asked Danielt to go to town first. By the time we got back to Hoolehua, the pumpkins were all sold out!Michael and Sophia didn't even care, they were more upset that their BFF Haweo was taking a nap by the time we got there. Hahaha. Silly kids! They still had a ton of fun climbing around on the hay bales, running with the other kids and Michael somehow managed to get himself onto Uncle Andrew's tractor and didn't want to ever come down. LOL. "BYE MOM, I"M GOING TO THE LANDFILL, SEE YOU TOMORROW!"

Saturday afternoon we went to our friend Korpi's Halloween party, the whole family got dressed up, including Daniel. It was raining, so I didn't take any pictures of the actual party, but I did take one of the rainbow.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

One of the 10 happiest days of my life

Today was one of the 10 best days of my whole entire life. Ethan smiled at me for the first time. Not gas, not REM sleep, but actually looked at me, I smiled and said "Hi baby Efan" and he smiled back the biggest toothless baby smile and cooed. And then my whole heart melted.

This isn't a picture of THE smile, just a picture of his cute little face :)

I still remember like it was yesterday the first time Sophia ever giggled at me. It was the happiest I had ever been. I felt like my whole life was suddenly complete and if I died right then it would be ok because I had brought this beautiful little person into the world and made her happy and that's all that would ever matter. Tear.

And now to lighten things up and show how crazy I truly am:
When I was pregnant with Sophia I literally cried tears one day because I loved our cat soooooooooo much I was afraid I could never love a baby as much (or more). Well, a few moths later I realized how incredibly stupid that was and knew I could never love anything more than Sophia. Fast forward a year to when I was pregnant with Michael, again, I literally cried tears because I was scared I couldn't love him enough, and I just wanted to be pregnant with Sophia all over again instead of a new baby. Again, a few moths later, I realized how silly I was, both of the two of them were the best things to ever happen to me. THEN AGAIN, Fast forward another year an a half, pregnant with Ethan I was so scared that bringing in another person could be ruin my perfect little family unit, and scared that I couldn't love him enough. And again, I was so so so so so so incredibly wrong. These THREE are my whole world and as frustrating as they can be I could never love anything more than them. (especially the cat) 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I'm 32!

Today I turned 32. Sophia was really confused. She thought that even though it was my birthday I'd still be 31...sadly, no. Overall I had a great day!

I had a fresh papaya for breakfast- FROM MY YARD!!!
Then I took Sophia to school and dropped Michael off at Auntie Gwen's house. As much as I would like to keep him home with me right now, he's such a little mamma's baby I can't. He's constantly stuck to me which makes it really hard to take care of Ethan (or do anything else for that matter). And he really misses his little friends and all the interaction/attention he gets at Auntie Gwen's. So, we're really lucky that she watches him :)

Anyway, then I spent my day taking care of Ethan, wrecking our clean house and working on Sophia's Halloween costume- another post about this fiasco will be coming later. 
After a while I started dinner

and had a crazy snack

And made myself this AMAZING cake with the help of my minions. It worked out perfectly because we had a 3 and a 2 candle left over from the kid's birthdays this year and last year. Haha-nothing like recycling!

We had fondue for dinner, using the pot Daniel got me two years ago for my birthday. It was a lot of work. We did lots of dipping options this year, some roasted veggies, sausage, apples and a baguette that I made- it tasted good but was way to flat- maybe someone will get me a baguette pan for Christmas, hint hint Daniel Coombs. 

The keiki helped  open my present. Danny got me a 50mm lens!!! I've really been wanting one so I can up my photo game!
Sophia made me the world's sweetest card

And Michael drew "a mess" in the middle of it. Haha
I had a ton of fun trying out my new lens!!!! Its going to take some serious practice though!

Check out how shallow that field of focus is!!

Then Daddy read stories 
And then everyone snugged in for bed, except Ethan, who decided he may never sleep ever again, and instead he will stay up all night and drive his mom and dad crazy.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween Home Tour

Well, I wouldn't be a blogger if I didn't do the occasional home tour. Haha. We didn't go all out for Halloween this year and mostly re-used all our stuff from last year (and the last 7 years which I've just slowly been hoarding). Unfortunately Molokai isn't the best place to get fresh pumpkins, gourds or mums. I attempted to grow some. The mini pumpkins were going GREAT! They were a little early though and some beetles and slugs bored holes into all of the pumpkins that were on the vines and then laid nasty maggots in them- hooray. Then the freaking slugs killed the vines so no more grew. I also planted some nice jack O' Lantern variety from Burpees, and again, right after flowering, we had 2 tiny pumpkins and the GD SLUGS killed them all. Slugs are invasive, and so now I have no mercy. They all get smashed as soon as I see them! i should probably go to Hikiola and get something to kill them with. Growing vegetables is hard! You'd think it'd be easier in paradise. It's not!

Arce's usually have a nice Octoberfest, but its not until next weekend and I wanted to decorate the second I saw everyone from the Midwest putting their deco up on September 30th. LOL. Friendlies has a few pumpkins out, but I haven't seen anything at Miskaki's or Rawlins. I really wanted some white mums.

So, without further ado, here's what's going on in Casa de Coombs this month:

To be clear, this home tour only consists of 3 rooms, only 2 of which are decorated. haha. Someday....someday...

Starting off is the kids' room. It's not decorated. I just set out their Halloween clothes so we wouldn't forget to wear them as much as possible.

That fox print I got from etsy, It's adorable, but still needs a frame.

Note the lack of toys, stuffed animals, and books as compared to usual... See yesterday's blog post. 
Michael's side is cute. That tree should probably go down to the ground though.
I think Ethan will be getting a piggy bank for Christmas. 

Take note of this dresser. It has a can of white paint calling its name!

I love me a theme outfit!
Halloween jammies- ready to be worn!

Now into the hallway. No Halloween stuff here either, I wanted to do paper bats, but had too much homework to contend with for my master's class. maybe next year.

Still showcasing our pictures from the day we got engaged, 2008, I think, or maybe 2007, either way it was definitely December.

I updated these pictures. But this is pretty dark. Looks like I still need some work on manual mode of my camera.

Now on to the living room. I'm only showing the Halloween stuff, because we've actually been doing a LOT of work in here, so I'll do a before and after post later.

As soon as we got the boxes down from the attic, Sophia started snooping around, and pulled out all these stickers. She meticulously stuck them ALL on one window and deemed her creation "Halloween World"
This crazy sign I hauled back from Maui last year.
The buffet spread
I just copied this board off Pinterest. 

I really want to paint the orange pumpkins green and white to look like the "hierloom" ones all over Instagram, but I'm also scared it will turn out like crap, and I have 100 other projects going on and a that's probably not happening this year. 

Reused bunting I made 3 or 4 years ago

The kids made some treats for their friends. 
The one and only end table is used only for seasonal decorations. LOL.

And finally the dining room. This is how I wanted the whole house to look, but once Sophia got "Halloween World" started I knew I had to decorate for the kids and save classy for later when they're too old to care anymore:

I know what you're thinking "Jill, that 'flower arrangement' looks like a bunch of weeds you cut out of your yard and stuffed in a white pitcher" Well, it is.
Yes, the table is super fancy, yes, i'm afraid my kids will break it, and yes, it's very impractical to leave it like this for very long, but it's my birthday week, and I'm gonna have a nice house for the whole 7 days! Haha.

Its just soooo pretty!
The china cabinet has probably gotten to the point where it has outlived it's $100 that I bought it for 12 years ago. It's not all real wood, so the Kalae climate is starting to get to it. But, that didn't stop us from decorating it!

And that concludes this year's Halloween house tour! I didn't really do one last year, but here's a cool craft (click here) that we did two years ago.

And here's our Halloween 2014 (click here) and 2015 (click here) and 2013 (click here) and one last one from last year (click here)

More remodel progress posts coming soon! Now I'm off to feed a hungry little Ethan :)