Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Activities

This weekend was Chock full of Halloween Activities. Luckily I finished all the costumes in time. The kids all wore their Halloween jammies as much as possible all week. It was the cutest!!!!

Sophia had a Fall Harvest party at her school (they don't celebrate Halloween) The kids get to dress up and play games and make cupcakes. Michael got to go again this year and HE HAD  A BLAST!!! He loves getting to be a big kid and go to Sophia's school. Sophia had fun too, but I'm not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing that I went with her. Being the oldest is tough. She's so independent that sometimes we forget that she's only 4...still a baby. 

 We went to Arce's Octoberfest. Its my fault, because I wanted to go to the grocery store and get some ingredients for all my weekend baking, and I asked Danielt to go to town first. By the time we got back to Hoolehua, the pumpkins were all sold out!Michael and Sophia didn't even care, they were more upset that their BFF Haweo was taking a nap by the time we got there. Hahaha. Silly kids! They still had a ton of fun climbing around on the hay bales, running with the other kids and Michael somehow managed to get himself onto Uncle Andrew's tractor and didn't want to ever come down. LOL. "BYE MOM, I"M GOING TO THE LANDFILL, SEE YOU TOMORROW!"

Saturday afternoon we went to our friend Korpi's Halloween party, the whole family got dressed up, including Daniel. It was raining, so I didn't take any pictures of the actual party, but I did take one of the rainbow.