Friday, April 29, 2016

Molokai Ranch Heritage Rodeo 2016

Last Saturday we got tickets to the Molokai Ranch Heritage Rodeo. We've never gone before, but I think this is only the third year that they did it. It was really cool! Not like the Montgomery County Fair rodeo, different, but both fun. Also, you can't beat that ocean view in the background!

The kids had a blast; seeing the cows,watching the cowboys and keiki cowboys, playing with their friends and of course running up and down the bleachers!

We were in a rush out the door as usual, so I didn't bring my zoom lens, but I still got some decent pictures :)

We got to see calf roping, barrel racing, and double barrel racing, but the kids (and the parents) were getting tired and crabby so we ended up going home at 9pm and missed the bull riding :( But it was still a super fun Saturday evening and a really nice activity for the whole island. Something different to do for once ;)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I can not believe my baby boy is Two!!!

This is the first time in our 5 years on Molokai that we did a small at home party. Crazy, I know. Our next smallest had at least 40 people. Haha. Check out Mikey's First Birthday party here. This was the first party where I didn't make Anna custom design invitations, where I didn't spend a million hours picking a theme and crafting decorations...We just kept it simple and it was really nice. We might have a big (or small) combined party in a few weeks, I still haven't decided. 

 I did take the kids to get balloons yesterday, (and flowers, because who can resist spray roses? Definitely not me!!) and we decorated the house a little bit. I baked a cake from a Best Yet box mix. Which, let me tell you; it's the best cake mix! Even better than Duncan Hines!!! And after a futile search for 'boy' sprinkles I just decorated it with ombre rainbow sprinkles. 

The ceiling balloons popped almost immediately. LOL


These twinsies gave up decorating and went to watch TV in bed

This handsome man hit the hay at a decent hour

He's such a mama's boy, he's in for a rude awakening in 20 weeks :(


Fast Forward to today, The birthday boy gets to hold the popcorn bowl. Haha. THE biggest honor in our house :)

I made Moroccan Chicken for dinner
The kids actually ate it!
Then Mac opened his presents :)

Haha. That face!

We sang Happy Birthday and had cake and ice cream  

Little man blew out the candle all on his own!

"Who wants cake and ice cream??"..."MEEEEEEE!!!" 

Birthday Sign. Banner recycled from Sophia's FIRST Birthday- Haha. 

And, this is what happened when I tried to take his picture in front of it....BOYS. 

Happy Second Birthday Michael Agapito! Mommy, Daddy and Sophia love you more than you can ever imagine!!!