Thursday, April 7, 2016

DIY Copycat KFC Recipes: Pregnancy Craving

A few nights ago I was reeeeeeeeeeeeally craving KFC. Of course that was a no go. Even if I was crazy enough to fly to Maui and get some, it was already 5:30, and raining, so definitely, definitely, definitely a no go.

Soooooo....I Pinterested some recipes and spent a million dollars and a billion hours of my life recreating a meal that would have taken 6 minutes and $4.99 at the drive thru. DOH!

Recipes found here:

Spot On! I will make these 100 more times! I actually may never ever make another biscuit recipe ever again. They were delish! Light and flaky and EASY!!!! Doesn't get any better than that. I didn;t have any cream of tartar (because its not 1950 anymore) so I just used a little extra baking powder, but I may actually buy some just to try it.

This one is my bad. I started making it before I read the blog post. The post literally says "I got this recipe off an internet copycat recipe site a few years ago. Now, I can't say whether this actually tastes like KFC gravy - I haven't eaten there in so long I don't remember what their gravy tastes like"  Ugh. For real lady??? Not what I wanted to hear half way into making this. It was ok, not great, very runny. It's safe to say I will never use this recipe ever again and just go back to making my own or using a package of Always Save mix.

The chicken was good. Again, i was missing a couple of things (like celery salt, onion powder, chives, and i didn't have quite enough thyme...) But this still turned out dang good! And tasted a hole lot like KFC. I will definitely be making it again with all the correct spices.