Sunday, April 10, 2016

Flower Bed Before and After

This weekend we spruced up the yard a little bit. The first thing we did was fix up the flower bed that I made in the front yard last year. 

Just to remind everyone, here the BEFORE BEFORE BEFORE. 
2 years ago right when we moved in

last year before we started anything in the bed area (note the evegreen is half gone)

 and after I finished the flower bed (2015 still)

Now for the BEFORE
Earlier this week. Not bad, but getting a little out of control again. I added a plumeria, and there was still a bunch of trash laying around from the roof.

and finally, the AFTER
we cleaned it up, and mulched it with some sawdust, moved the pink vinca to a pot, and replaced it with a shorter (what will be purple) petunia. The plumeria should be pink, and I'm debating pruning it. But the good news it, it is showing new growth!! So hopefully it will flower this year too!

                           BEFORE                                                               AFTER