Saturday, April 29, 2017

Happy Third Birthday, Michael Agapito!

Yesterday our little man turned THREE! I can't even believe how fast the time has flown, but at the same time, it seems like he's always been here, I can't even remember a time before Michael. LOL.
He's still the sweetest love-iest little guy any mom could ever hope for.

20 Questions:
1. What is your favourite colour:
"Ummm, my favorite color is....................purple"

2. What is your favourite toy?
"My favrite toys is weeegos"
3. What is your favourite fruit?
"My favorite fruit is jello one. I need jello if I am sick"
4. What is your favourite TV show?
"My favorite TB show is Wittle Einesteins"
5. What is your favourite thing to eat for lunch?
6. What is your favourite outfit?
"My favorite outfit is..............uhhhhh" Do you know what an outfit is? "Ummm, no"  Clothes "My favorite clothes is pajamas with bow ties on it and ....."
7. What is your favourite game?
"My favorite game is.......wet me favorite thing to do is play games, and my favorite game is the airport game, because I like airplanes"
8. What is your favourite snack?
"My favorite nack is fruit snacks!"
9. What is your favourite animal?
"My favorite ammimal is...i don't know, let me think, mommy"
10. What is your favourite song?
"My favorite ammimal is...ummmm, I don't know, let me think"
11. What is your favourite book?
"I have one duck book from the Easter Bunny"
12. What is your favourite subject at school?
---doesn't go to school yet---
13. What is your favorite sport?
"I don't know"
14. What is your favourite thing to have for breakfast?
15. What is your favourite thing to do outside?
"My favorite thing to do outside is jump and swing on the swing, and jump and swing on the swing, and jump on my trampoline"
16. What is your favourite drink?
"hmm, let me think, mom"
17. What is your favourite holiday?
"My favorite holiday is the easter Bunny because he is nice to me, and Christmas is Santa Claus becuase he gives me presents"
18. What do you like to take to bed with you at night?
" Umm a baby and my sheep"---he definitely does not sleep witha sheep. he sleeps with a baby doll, and a racoon that he calls a cat, and a star dog. 
19. What is your favourite thing to have for dinner?
20. What do you want to be when you grow up?
"I want to be a baby when I grow up, and a Dad when I grow up, like you Dad"
and then he went on to tell me his own favorites:
"My favorite show is Moana, and my other favorite show is Mickey, and my favorite bow tie is my blue one"
Birthday Milestones:
Knows his first and middle name. Likes to tell us that his name is Bubba, and Sophia’s name is Boo-Boo. Answers  questions and speaks in sentences. Speaks pretty clearly (at least to us) speaks some pigeon. Very creative and imaginative. Always pretending. Follows directions, does not know colors or letters yet- but sure likes to guess them. Counts random bits of numbers (1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10). Loves to run and jump and climb and play ball. Can build a block tower taller than himself. Loves to sing songs from Disney movies. Fully potty trained, can kind of dress himself. Loves to run around yelling “Hug time” from the Trolls movie and give everyone hugs. Is super excited for preschool in August. Loves to pretend that he’s a pilot and loves to cook play food. Often acts like a little old man and hands out imaginary candy out of his imaginary pockets to everyone. Will raise his hand and yell "me" to any question that anyone asks. He is one wild and energetic little guy!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Easter 2017

Well, this Easter went absolutely not even remotely as I had planned. I debated even making a post about it, but someday when my keiki are looking back in this I want them to know that NO MATTER WHAT their mom and dad love them and did everything they could.

I can say that this holiday truly made me appreciate the cliche "just happy that we're all together" even if it was only for awhile.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mikey's b-day eve

3 years ago at this moment I was going to bed thinking "ugh! Why did I eat so many cheetos and hotdogs at the beach earlier" lo and behold, It wasn't my crappy food choices making my stomach hurt; I was in labor with one of the three greatest miracles that I have ever  been blessed with. My love language is handmade gifts, so when my middle beebs wanted "a strawberry cake" this year, mom was happy to oblige. I love holidays-all of them. Hell, I love any reason to celebrate. But since bringing children into this world-literally- birthdays finally have a special meaning. I love decorating and making cakes and special meals because it's my way to reflect on that very special interval that got them here. None of my labors have been particularly easy- Michaels was especially terrible- but they were all more than worth it. The last three years has taken us in so many directions that I never would have imagined, but to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. And I can honestly say that every minute of the last three years has been made better by the presence of one special little dude, and I can't wait to celebrate him tomorrow. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Ethan Kekoa 7 month update

Oh little boy. You are definitely living up to your namesake. You are a strong, enduring, warrior. You're also super cute and in spite of everything you remain a happy little guy. 

Developmental milestones this month:

You tried formula for the first time.

You had your first night away from mom and dad.

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit you.

You've had a hell of a month and who know what the upcoming future will bring, but we will tell you all about it when you're a grown up.

You are getting to be a really excellent unsupported sitter. You still don't really roll, but Mom thinks that's because you don't want to, not because you can't.

You still hate tummy time.

You still love chi chi milk. 

Your favorite activity is still watching your brother and sister entertain you and making funny faces and silly sounds back at them. 

You love playing with your toys, you're using your pincher grasp more than just palmar. Your favorite toys are the baby rolls balls, your crinkly blanket, and the rattles. You like being in your bouncer and you especially love the dragonfly.

You don't have any teeth yet, but it's getting close.

Grandma's had more success feeding you solids than anyone else.

You're leaning out from sitting, so it might not be long until you can crawl!

And last but not least, you don't sleep very much at all! 😂😂😂

Happy 7 months sweet baby!  Mommy, Daddy, Michael and Sophia love you so much!


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Le sigh

Vapid. That's my word for the day. My life used to be so wonderfully, blissfully vapid. Now it's real. Real and raw and terrible. I used to have the luxury of spending hours on hours picking theme outfits for my kids' holidays. Finding the perfect this or the perfect that, making everything around me as beautiful as I could. 

It just doesn't feel right to be writing about recipes and diy projects and everything when my whole world is imploding. But as anyone who knows me knows...I can't help but ramble. 

Maybe I'll make a 2018 New Years resolution to be concise. I doubt that will stick. 

A few years ago I described Molokai as a snow globe. This incredibly gorgeous world exists trapped forever inside the most fragile glass bubble. And every so often, something comes along and puts a little chink in the glass. Or someone leaves the globe and causes a big piece of glass to go missing from their exit. Not just does the glass get marred and cracked, but all the water slowly seeps out, and the world has lost its magic. Maybe that's not life on Molokai, maybe that's life in general.

So maybe that's all the rambling I have for today. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lenten Thoughts

I can't pretend like nothing is going on. My heart is so so very heavy this Easter season, but I guess even this open book should have one private chapter.

I remember one year when I was young we had a priest and one lent he made all us First???Graders each put a rock in our shoe. The moral was supposed to be something about how our pain and suffering was nothing compared to what Jesus went through for us...I think...but maybe it was just a penance for something else, I'm not sure, some 27 years later I don't remember what exact lesson we were supposed to be learning. 

What I do remember very clearly after all these years was that I painted my rock blue with a white dove.

What else I remember all these years later is that all (or at least enough to get attention) of the parents complained that it was cruel and unusual. So then we didn't have to do it anymore. 

Mrs. Witte also made us these ugly denim bags to hang at the side of our desks. But at that age-they were the coolest. We had rings for counting, probably some discard from some factory somewhere, but they were colorful. Our whole building only had one computer that ran MS DOS and had a floppy drive. 

I've been reflecting a lot this past week. Thinking about rereading the Impossible Lightness of Being. Thinking about not re-reading it after all. 

The other week I actually made plans to go to stations. I even googled what time it was. Then I realized they wouldn't be using those pink books from the 70s. Step up close to Jesus.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Our little bug lady

We found two tomato horn worms eating away at our lime tree yesterday. I scooped them up for Sophia. 

She promptly decided that she needed to bring them for show and tell. Her pre-school doesn't really have show and tell..

So we put them in an empty detergent box since Reginald  chewed up all our bug boxes.

Later that night Sophia decided the box want good enough and she would let one worm live in her dollhouse laundry room...needless to say, he escaped...

The other one she was letting crawl all up and down her arm, then got so distracted watching Trolls that she didn't realize the second one had also escaped! Luckily (or not so luckily) the second one didn't get far. It was climbing up her hair! 🙈🙈🙈

Sophia wasn't phased in the least! 


Saturday, April 1, 2017

Paddlers Inspired Green Chili Burgers

For those days when you need to feed 5 people and don't have $100.00 to drop at Paddlers.

One of our favorite (and one of the few currently open) restaurants on Molokai is Paddlers. It was our first home when we moved here as a young, fun, drunken, childless couple. LOL. 

Now are responsible, home owning, random BAC test passing, parents. 

And now Paddlers is on its 6th manager in the 6 years we've lived here. We've been through many of its ups and downs and honestly right now, it's definitely on an upswing. Really the prices aren't all that. Ad considering the INSANE cost of food here. But still, sometimes you need an at home budget hack. And for those of you who do not live in one of America's regions with an exuberant cost of living-or a Paddlers Bar - this is a great option!

For the burgers:
2lbs hamburger
2 TBS minced garlic
2 TBS BBQ sauce
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix all that together. Form parties and grill 

Green chilis from a can
Pioneer Woman Onion Straws
Chipotle Chili Aioli

1/2 cup mayo
1 tsp garlic powder
1TBS juice from the green chili can
Chipotle powder, salt, and pepper to taste