Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hale O Lono Beach Day

Catching up on our pics from two weeks ago and wishing we were going to the beach today instead of going to work and cleaning our house for our Super Bowl party :)

Two Saturdays ago we hung out at Hale O Lono  Harbor with some friends. 
The view of Oahu was amazing
Penny enjoying the ride

The view of Lanai

Mac and Momma

This adorable little man eating sand. 

Soaps and Aunty Becky Playing in the water

Mr. Cool

Michael did not love the floatie

Sophia and Auntie Becky

Playing with the mangrove pods

The sun setting on this amazing TIRE SWING someone hung up!!! Yessss!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Getting caught up on posts while I pump. Mom life, sigh.

blurry but so good :)

I think all humans have this same pic at some point in their life.

Imo's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This guy

This is mainly a pic of our salad things we got for Christmas. thank you, Susan and Joe.

Our Little Butterfly

He is the sweetest!

My first time ever making beets.

They were actually delicious

Breakfast on the lanai

Hawaiian Style

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Closet Door Before and After

Ok, I know, it's a slightly different angle and we're not even done yet, but I just can't help posting. LOOK AT THIS DIFFERENCE!!!!

Our Hallway 

 Before                                                            After

close up of the vacuum closet.

The hallway with a double closet at the end before the doors were back on.

The Doors being painted.

More to come later, but our house is starting to look a whole lot better :)

2015 New Year's Resolutions

Oh man, It's not a good sight that I'm posting my New Year's resolution on January 24th...

I really only have one resolution this year, and that is to keep my head above water. This is the first time in my life I'm not really looking forward to a new year. 2014 was pretty freaking great. I wish I could just groundhogs day myself into 2014 for awhile. Haha.

2015 is going to be tough.

My kids are growing up, they have a real full time babysitter. I'm NOT their primary caregiver, and that makes me sad.

Our house is a giant ugly disaster. haha. it's getting a lot better, but OMG is it ever expensive, and hard to find the time/energy to do anything, and getting anything done on Molokai is so freaking hard. I just want to drive to a Lowe's and look at stuff after work :(

I'm taking a statistics class!!! What am I thinking!?!?! And when it's done, I'll most likely take another class, and another one, and continue on until 2018 when SOPHIA IS IN KINDERGARTEN!!! This master's program seriously bums me out. I try to block it out whenever possible. I can't wait until its over and I wish I could just quit. I really wish Daniel would have tried harder to get into his thing, then I really could quit with a clean conscious. But now there's no way.

Work is gonna be tough. I had a happy year of keeping my head down and (relatively) not being an overachiever. I've seen the light and I don't want to go back :(

All of our friends are leaving us. That's life on Molokai, I should be used to it, blah, blah. But it still really really sucks. Everything's changing and I hate change.

Sub-resolutions: Make everything prettier, get to the beach more, don't worry so much about things I can't control, be happy

And in better news, we've actually knocked out a lot of house projects, so I'll be posting some cool before and afters soon!!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Our Beautiful Backyard

Christmas Cactus


I don't even know what this thing is...

Sophia riding her tricycle

peddling is hard...

fungus among us

OUR FIRST (and probably only) TANGERINE!!!! from our own tree!

Me and Sops had a tea party

Izzy crashed it :(

The power went out and we made pizza on the grill

I started a new painting

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Stuffed Eggplant

Sunday I made some stuffed eggplant with the eggplants from our Kumu box.

Start with some beautiful eggplants. Cut them in half scoop out the middles.

Brown 1/2 lb of hamburger

Have your Sous Chef mix up the eggplant middles (cubed) 1 diced med. onion, 3 cloves garlic (diced)

Sautee in a pan with 2 TBS olive oil. Add salt, pepper, oregano and parsley to taste. Add hamburger and 1 jar of tomato sauce to mixture after onions are translucent. Cook a little longer with a lid on.

Add some shredded mozzerella, stuff back into eggplant shells and top with parmesan and mozerella 

Play a game while it bakes for 30 min at 350F


Ours was served with salad and Imo's dressing!!!

Hooray for dinner time!

Soph didn't like them and ended up eating splitting a can of peaches with Michael. Oh Well :)