Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Tea Party

I love a good excuse to do something fancy! I also love a good excuse to drink tea. And so, I present to you, our Memorial Day tea party.


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Spring Garden Progress

It's always been my dream to be self sufficient. LOL. Literally, since I was a kid I had notebooks where I would draw out these sketches of my dream house and how it would be off the grid and I'd have a wheat field and (and it was a castle and it had a moat and a huge library) just like Little House on the Prarie. (Well, except for the castle part)

Anyway, now that I'm an adult who's doeced to live in reality I keep my dream alive by making our backyard as productive as possible.

This spring I undertook a HUGE investment and dug out all the crap soil (if you can even call giant chunks of iron clay a soil) and replaced it all with bags of SunGro potting mix from Hikiola. It only took a couple of afternoons, but it was hella expensive-like $200 worth of DIRT! 😱 and that was me scrimping and saving.

And yes, I did try mixing in organic matter first. I composted one bed at a time while I planted the other two, and even had my mobile chicken coop so one got constant "fertilizer" but I think the soil structure was so poor it just couldn't be improved.

Anyway, my one good bed is paying off! We have 4 or 5 types of tomatoes. Two types of watermelons (from saving seeds, so at least one plant is a sugar baby!) tomatillos!!!! Which, I've never grown tomatillos before, so that's new to me. Potatoes!!! Same, this is my first time growing potatoes. And strawberries, and a few peas and a few struggling pepper plants.

The other crap bed has a little lettuce (fingers crossed we don't get fat king worm) one recycled leek, some overflow tomatoes, tomatillos, and watermelon. One morning glory, some marigolds, and possibly one struggling flowering stock. My old stock died from and attack of spider mites that I didn't catch in time.

And our third bed was stupid, so we tore it out. 

We do still have a narrow one on the edge of the shack. I bought one bag of potting mix and zinnia and cucumber seeds to put in there.

I kind of want to put in a Burpee's order because seeds are kind of hard to come by here and I want some cutting flowers!


So the garden finally looks good, now we need to work on the rest of our ugly yard. 😊

Monday, May 22, 2017

Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask Review

What's everyone's favorite thing about Sephora? Free Samples!!!

It's been a hell of a two months and I will admit, I have a pretty bad habit of stress shopping. Anyway. With this last order I got this sample of the fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. 

After a long day, I decided to try it out. It smells like cucumber and was delightfully refreshing. I think it's perfect for summer. I put it on thin, only using about half of the sample. I also schmeared some on my gross old lady hands. LOL.

Immediately I could see my wrinkles plumping up and skin looking smoother. About 3 minutes in I could really feel it working.

I was thinking wow, this stuff is pretty great, maybe I'll buy a full size one. Well, a tub retails for $92. 😱😱😱 that's more than I would like to pay for a mask. But it did really work; my skin feels so smooth, and looks nice and hydrated. I would say it almost made my skin awesome enough to forget how poor I would be if I bought it for real. 😂

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Beach Day

Well...we didn't catch that Papio that I've been craving. (Hhahahahahaha) But we still had a fun day fishing!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Happy 8 Months Ethan Kekoa!

A few days late, but we were on Oahu for doctors appointments for Ethan's actual 8 month-aversiry on the 17th.

Ethan Kekoa,

You are such an incredible little boy.

You got your first tooth this month!!!!! It's your bottom front one on your right! The one on the left is  on its way behind it.

You also got a real haircut this month. A number 4 all around!

You LOVE LOVE LOVE your brother and sister. You smile and giggle and go crazy when they entertain you.

You like solid foods, baby food and table food. you eat pretty much everything now. You've also tried some dairy _ You love puffs, and you are getting good at picking them up and getting them into your mouth all by yourself.

You are still nursing.

Michael runs around telling everyone to look at you proclaiming "Look at this cutie-patootie!! Eeefan is one cutie-patootie!"

You LOVE playing with all your baby toys. You like the stacking sets and rattles and balls now.

Your sleeping is finally starting to get back to normal. Your doctor's appointments have all been going well.

You're babbling a little bit and you talk in a sing-song voice a lot and its adorable!

You can definitely roll. You are not crawling or pulling up yet, but you like to stand and bounce and pretend walk while mom and dad hold your hands.

Mommy, Daddy, Sophia and Michael love you so so so so so so so so much!


P.S. You weren't really into getting your 8 month sticker picture taken,  but then  while I was putting the camera away to try again tomorrow- you apparently pulled your sticker off and crumpled it up. So...this is what we got.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy 7 Years To Us

Again in the two months of things I can't believe:

Monday marked the day that we have been married for SEVEN years.

Also, we got a minivan.

What to say? It's been a long seven years. We've accomplished a lot together. We've made three beautiful babies. We've had many jobs, lived a few places, bought a home. We've battled our way through home renovations, pet adoptions, graduate degrees, technical licenses, and a whole host of things. All in all we've had a good run. Cheers to keeping it going.

Now please enjoy these candid snapshots from May 15, 2010.

Oh hey, the cake stand I've literally used 100's of times that Daniel told me not to register for because we'd never use it ;)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

O.M.G. Mother's Day. Normally one of my favorite holidays; this year bittersweet. 

I am so incredibly happy to be a mom. That’s really all. I am just so happy to be their mom. Their parent, their guardian, their protector, their comforter, their ouchie fixer, their cook, their personal assistant, stylist, chauffer, word sounder-outer, spelling bee teacher, lullaby singer, lego instruction-reader, DVD putter-inner, rattle picker upper, baby mum mum distributer, etc. etc. Words aren’t enough to explain what these three little monkeys mean to me.

Becoming a mom has also given me a much greater appreciation for my own Mom and Grandma. At the end of the day, there’s no one I look up to more (well, my Dad included- both parents equally)

We had a good Mother’s Day this year. Mike and Mary are still here, so we went to church, then brunch at Paddlers. I got a nice picture of me and the kids. Then Daniel got us a Blu-Ray player so we could finally watch Jeremiah Johnson. Best of all, I got to take a nap and spent the evening playing Legos with the kids.

Also, not Mother’s Day related, but (LAST YEAR) for Mother’s Day I asked Daniel to remove a stump from our yard and a few months ago we finally got it removed! I hope everyone else had a great Mother’s Day too!

Our Mother's Day:

My Mamma circa 1994

My Grandma :)