Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mo'omomi Adventure Day

Yesterday we crossed a couple of things off of our Becky's bucket list :)

I was reading an article about this beach, the Nature Conservancy and "treading lightly" which we did, of course. The area is called Mo'omomi. In Hawaiian, Mo'o is the word for a lizard. Apparently, the legend is that there is a secret underwater cave guarded by a giant lizard with flashing eyes. 

It's a pretty cool article, and I especially love the last line. True Molokai. Haha
You can read the Maui Magazine article here

We've walked over the rocky areas plenty of times, looking for Japanese trash :) and our friend Cambrie even took some of my maternity pictures there, but we've never made the trek to this nice beach, Kawa'aloa bay. I guess we should have kept going because there's a cave at the other end...Next time.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Our Beautiful Backyard

It's mid May and our garden is growing beautifully! I'm so happy to be able to grow things and to teach my babies the many life lessons that can be learned in our own backyard. 
That's a baby watermelon, y'all!

And totally off season, but we have many baby pumpkins right now. 



More mini pumpkins

Some of my cilantro re-seeded itself! Love it when that happens!!!

One of my little garden helpers :)
I'm thinking of painting our garden boxes...grey??? Suggestions welcome!


Yes, I know they're a weed, but I like them, so I planted morning glories. Haha. Hopefully it grows up this panax.


My complete and utter disregard for the English language has thwarted me once again....I thought I bought Impatients...
No, you idiot, you bought balsam, whatever that is. #plantsciencefail

More Zinnas

Mint! From seed!!!

Lavender!!! Also from seed!!! This literally took me 2+years to accomplish, I bet I planted 12+ packets of 100 seed over the lats two years and this is the first plant I got. Needless to say, I'm pretty proud. 

And more zinnas

The Mamma plant of the aforementioned Morning Glory, yes, we save seeds.

They're such a pretty dark purple though!

THESE right here are some type of crazy yellow  strawberry that I also grew from a packet of seeds from Friendly Market.
 They are this, I believe:

They're organic and hierloom, which I would like to take this opportunity to shout from the rooftops, that while yes, they are cool, ORGANIC HIERLOOM IS JUST A MARKETING TACTIC

This guy, he likes to take out all my plant marking sticks and rearrange them :)

Most of my stupid organic hierloom basil got eaten by bugs (and climbed on by a rowdy one year old)

These peppers!!! OMG!!! LOVE!!! They're this Burpee Bell Pepper Sweet Carnival Mix again, only one plant from the whole packet of seeds. Dang bugs!


This JACKSON CHAMELEON lives in our avocado tree!!!

More mini pumpkins.

And one more, too bad Halloween is so far away.

And the bad: my mini-pumpkins have hella powdery mildew and nothing seems to be getting rid of it. Ok, who am I kidding, I only tried one thing.

Another super cool baby pumpkin

One of our trees is loaded with avocados!

Triplets :)


Hanging Ginger

Pink Ginger


And, just because I was walking around taking pictures and this was too pretty to pass up.

Working on killing these suckers on the lime tree. Gross! Hey everyone, stop trying to kill my lime tree, please.

We have coconuts!

This orchid thing is blooming!

I repotted a bunch of begonias that were growing out of the bottoms of things.

And oddly enough, now there is now dill growing out of the bottom of the new begonia pot.

The orange blossom (at least I think that's what this is) is blooming so our whole yard smells amazing.

And we have a pinapple

Aside from my two beautiful children, the thing I'm currently most proud of in life is our garden. I really like to grow $hi#. Haha. I've been having some issues with my piece of $hi# Mirena lately, which has lead me to a really introspective place, and I don't necessarily like it, but I love being able to get outside and free my mind, and our garden is the perfect place to do that.