Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kalaupapa Lookout

We went to the lookout on my Mom and Dad's last weekend here. It was cloudy and COLD!

We ran into the Terrys and their friends. 

Cloudy but still gorgeous!

The pali

Testing out my new zoom lens on the lighthouse.

And the Kalaupappa shoreline

I promise this looks way more dangerous than it actually was.

Monkey See- Monkey Do

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Now that I'm finally caught up on homework and through the first trimester and starting to hand offsome projects at work, I can finally get caught up on the 'ol blog. My mom and dad left 2 weeks ago already, but I still have some posts I'd like to share. First up, the new roof. 

Look how gross it was before! Missing shingles, multi-colored, leaking all over the place, making our whole house hot as can be. It was kind of terrible. 


We had the old shingles mostly torn off and tar paper put on in the meantime. Then Daniel and my dad  took the tar paper off, replaced all the rotten boards, put down reflective barrier and some strips of wood, then covered the whole thing in plywood to create an insulating air space, THEN put on new weather shield paper and the new shingles. 

It looks so good! And it doesn't leak! And it's a billion degrees cooler inside! And our home value should be higher! And our bathrooms are ready for exhaust fans! I really like the color and I'm glad we went with it. It's OakRidge designer shingles in Shasta White from Home Depot. 

Oakridge Shasta White Laminate Shingles

Now back to painting. Haha. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Weekend "Landscaping" Project

This just showed up on my time hop for a YEAR AGO today.

unfortunately, the panax and hybiscus have not improved much in the past 365 days. they are perhaps worse off because they need to be weeded. and they still need some rock or nice mulch or something...

Back in march of 2015
we weeded and added free mulch from the landfill

note the overgrown (invasive) yellow african iris

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Three Amigos

As a lot of you who have seen me in person lately already know (hello there little baby bump!)

We're expecting!!!

The third amigo is due to join our familia September 12, 2016! 

I'm almost 16 weeks and feeling sooooooo tired! It's unbelievable! I don't remember being this exhausted with Sophia or Michael, but maybe you just forget with time. Other than that feeling good! Less morning sickness this time around and since I'm planning on another natural birth (FOR NOW- we'll see how it goes) I've been making an actual effort to be fit(ish) and healty(esque) this time around.

Props to my super talented sister for the graphic design and to the rest of my family for putting up with me while I subject my kids to photo shoots. 😂

Easter 2016

We had a busy week! Daniel worked on Lanai everyday, and I was busy with my own full time job and taking care of these two. None of that left a lot of room for getting into the holiday spirit. 

We missed most of the egg hunts this year, but we made it to the Lion's Club one on Saturday morning at the ballpark. The kids had fun. 

Later on Saturday we made Easter Puppy Chow and made a HUGE mess dying Easter Eggs with our neighbors.

The Easter Bunny hopped on by Sunday morning while we were at church and left the keikis waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much stuff!!!

It was a seriously beautiful morning.

The Easter Bunny hid our eggs outside and left some extra plastic ones with MORE CANDY!!!!!!! And Reggie only ate one...dang dog!

I made a really simple dinner this year. It was just us, and a couple of friends came over late in the afternoon. I made a new ham "recipe" this year. I basically just covered the ham in a mix of regular mustard, and Dijon, smeared that all over, added more Dijon, a can of crushed pineapple, and then some brown sugar. Smashed it all on there then cooked it at 350 for an hour, then 425 for 40 more minutes. I also set the table! As we all know, that happens everyday about one day a year... and made the Pioneer Woman's Potatoes Au Gratin.