Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baby Shower!

Who gets a shower for thier second baby?!? How lucky are we! And how lucky are our kids to grown up in a place with so much aloha. Not only did thier Daddy and I start loving them before we ever met them, so did a bunch of amazing aunties and uncles!

Man, I have gotten fat this time! I'm sure it has nothing to do with all cake and pancit!!! We are beyond blessed!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Even more of life lately

Since we got back from the mainland we've just been settling back in to life as normal and preparing for the new baby!

We got an ultrasound, and saw the baby's face:

I did an awesome ghetto mani:

Soph and her animals did some puzzles:

We inherited an old play kitchen from Auntie Jenn:

We had a blast buying groceries at Misaki's... As usual...

We battled our once again broody chickens to get some oddly sized eggs from when we were gone:

Sophia's newest obsession: bubbles

And mine: origami owl, lame, I know...

Monday, March 24, 2014

Life lately

I stopped writing for awhile after I had a nightmare about Sophia being kidnapped. Just a crazy pregnancy dream, I guess. Also we were on te mainland and busy...

We got haircuts

And went to visit old friends:

And swam in grandma and grandpa'a hot tub:

And went to the zoo:

We ate tons of food:

Sophia and Baby Coombs got gifts for pretty much no reason other than thier existence: 

We flew home:

And ended up in the hospital with a nasty stomach flu:

Everyone was feeling ok, so we left Oahu and made it back to Molokai in time for Soup-r-bowl:

An then life returned to normal, which I will catch up on later.