Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lately: A Hui Hou Edition

I haven't posted much lately because we've been sooooooooo busy. Between remodeling, job stretches, basically all of our friends abandoning us, and life with two toddlers, you could say we're pretty busy. So here's an update of just a few of our A Hui Hou pictures.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Fourth of July 2015

We had a beautiful fourth at our friends' house in Mauna Loa. We could see the fireworks from Honolulu, even though they were tiny because it's 20+ miles away :)

Before that we cut up our very FIRST EVER watermelon from OUR OWN GARDEN!!! I was super excited and took a ton of pictures. We're growing "Sugar Baby" and they are so dang good! But of course everything always tastes better when you grow it yourself :)

And before that, we played in the pool with the kids

And before that Daniel fixed the outlet in our garage so we could put one of our fridges out there. The back of the wire mould was FILLED with gecko eggs..

All in all, not a bad holiday.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

My 8 Day #anatomicalyogis Challenge

I did the first ever social media challenge that I've ever stuck with long enough to complete. No surprise here, it was a yoga challenge that was only eight days long. But, it was fun and challenging, and I feel stronger and better for doing it, even if Daniel and Becky are tired of taking my pictures 😜 if only Soph was a little more stable with the iphone pics. Hahaha. 

Here are my eight days of the poses from the challenge:

3rd of July 2015

Our pre-holiday celebration called for the best pasta salad I have ever made in my life!!!

And our trip to town called for lemonade:

And arriving home called for baby chick play time. Oh the many faces of Sophia. She was actually happy, I swear!

It was a Greek tortalini salad with a ton of fresh vegetables:

It was SERIOUSLY SOoooooo Hot today!!! I actually made this whole thing outside just because I couldn't stand the heat in our kitchen (ha).

The finished product:
Sooo good. I had to keep myself from eating it all before we left for the party.

The rest of the day was stupid hot, so we played outside in the pool and watered all the plants. I don't think this is lavender after all :( but I have no idea what it is. And this cool little gecko was hiding in my zinnias.

The party was nice, it really helped me reflect on some things that have been stressing me out, and the hosts and food were awesome as always :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Activation Energy Part One

Well, I've written a re-written this post several times over the past few months. 

I'm renaming it part one because I'm sure there will be a follow up. Haha. Just to fill everyone in, I hate my job right seriously. And it's really sad, because for the last four years that place has been like home, one of my favorite places filled with a bunch of my favorite maybe it's my own fault for getting too attached.

But oh well, our home life is going better than it has been in a long time. Yes, having two toddlers is extremely overwhelming and stressful, but those two (and thier Dad) make my world go round, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Lucky I have them, lucky we live Molokai, lucky we live period.

Well, here's to the power of positive energy and hoping everything gets better soon. Haha-that, or I'm gonna bail 😜