Monday, April 4, 2016

Literally- the worst cookies ever


In case you want to eat something really gross. Try this pinterest pin :)

They claim to be inspired by Levain Bakery, whatever that is. Regardless, they were cakey and nasty.

The first pan turned out like little brown turds. Hard on the bottom- dry on the top. It said to cook for 16-18 minutes! that's an eternity!!!

The second pan I smushed down before I put them in the oven and only cooked for 14 minutes. Still gross, still cakey, less hard on the bottom though.

The third (and final) pan. I smushed down and only baked for 12 minutes.

Here are some tip offs that this recipe was going to be terrible: unfortunately, I ignored them all.

1. It only had white sugar, no brown.
2. The absurd cooking time
3. It didn't contain any vanilla
4. It said "makes 12 large cookies. Seriously, who makes 12 cookies at a time?

ewww. turd cookies.

maybe better?

still awful