Friday, April 29, 2016

Molokai Ranch Heritage Rodeo 2016

Last Saturday we got tickets to the Molokai Ranch Heritage Rodeo. We've never gone before, but I think this is only the third year that they did it. It was really cool! Not like the Montgomery County Fair rodeo, different, but both fun. Also, you can't beat that ocean view in the background!

The kids had a blast; seeing the cows,watching the cowboys and keiki cowboys, playing with their friends and of course running up and down the bleachers!

We were in a rush out the door as usual, so I didn't bring my zoom lens, but I still got some decent pictures :)

We got to see calf roping, barrel racing, and double barrel racing, but the kids (and the parents) were getting tired and crabby so we ended up going home at 9pm and missed the bull riding :( But it was still a super fun Saturday evening and a really nice activity for the whole island. Something different to do for once ;)