Friday, April 22, 2016

Mahina: Moon Photography

Apparently there was a rocket launch last night. Well, I missed that, but I did bust out my zoom lens and take a pretty cool picture of the full moon!

Moon photography (and just general night photography) is something I've always tried, and always failed at. Now that I have a real camera, the secret it to use the light of the moon it's self. I set the zoom at the max, the ISO down to 100 and the shutter speed all the way up to 1/640. I held the camera against one of our areca palms to make sure I could hold still enough because I don't have a tripod and I'm notoriously shakey.

All in all I'd say it turned out pretty good!

I know Mahina is the Hawaiian word for moon, but I don't know how to say full moon, and when I went to look into it, it's way more complicated than I expected. Here's a cool website with moon stages though!