Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Baby Number Three: 20 week Update

20 week  photo brought to you by...the self timer. Haha. Terrible picture and terrible lighting, but Daniel is working off island again, so....on to baby updates:

Halfway! WooHoo! I'm pretty over being pregnant, except I'm also really sad, because I love having my babies with me all the time. Clearly I should have been born a kangaroo.

I weigh about 139-140 pounds now. That puts me on track to gain 30-35 pounds this pregnancy. We'll see. That's about what Sophia was like. It sucks this time around because I'm making a serious effort to actually be healthy and it's not really paying off. Oh well, I guess that's what you get for having a baby when you're old and your metabolism is slow.

Speaking of being old, I. Am. So. Tired. All of the time! I don't remember being this tired with the first two. And not to mention thirsty. This pregnancy has been like a 20 week hangover so far. Maybe it's because this year has been HOT and DRY, I don't know, but I legitimately drink 4 24oz glasses of water a day...at least...and am still perpetually dehydrated. it kind of sucks.

Who knows how the baby is doing in there because at this point they consider you an old pro and you only have an appointment every 4-6 weeks. Actually, I have one this Wednesday though, so we'll see. I'm just mad because we don't get ultrasounds anymore. Just one at 8 weeks (what the heck, babies are just blobs then that don't even have full arms and legs! It's to date your pregnancy, I know, but how boring!) And one at 20 weeks. SOooooooooooo, next week we go to Oahu! Yay!

Other than that baby is kicking up a storm, just like his/her brother and sister did, so I'm sure we'll have 3 very active children someday. And we get to find out the gender next week! Everyone thinks girl, and the Chinese calendar says girl, but who knows, it's always 50/50 ;)