Monday, April 11, 2016

Baby Number Three: 18 Week Update

18 Weeks already!

18 weeks!

I'm gaining weight and have what seems like a HUGE bump already

Not really craving much excpet fruits and veggies. A lot of apples, peanut butter, and spring rolls. Actually most food either sounds gross or gives me heart burn. For the first time in my life, I'm a very picky eater!

Feeling crappy. Thirsty, dehydrated, headache-y and tired ALL. THE. TIME. Fatigue is real! Also some back and pelvis pain already. Yay! I guess this proves I was never meant to be Michelle Duggar (haha- like that needed any proof anyway- 19 kids, no way!!!)

Sophia is super excited and loves to pat and hug and kiss the baby. She really wants a sister. 

I've been feeling kicks for awhile, but Daniel actually got to feel one from the outside this past week! 

No docotor's updates, but I've already gained 6-8 pounds :(

Trying to psych myself up for another natural childbirth, but I am freaking TERRIFIED! I need to but myself an Ina May book or two; continue to try to channel my inner hippie.

Lil Mac may be in for a bit of a shock when he's not mama's littelest baby anymore...