Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I'm 32!

Today I turned 32. Sophia was really confused. She thought that even though it was my birthday I'd still be 31...sadly, no. Overall I had a great day!

I had a fresh papaya for breakfast- FROM MY YARD!!!
Then I took Sophia to school and dropped Michael off at Auntie Gwen's house. As much as I would like to keep him home with me right now, he's such a little mamma's baby I can't. He's constantly stuck to me which makes it really hard to take care of Ethan (or do anything else for that matter). And he really misses his little friends and all the interaction/attention he gets at Auntie Gwen's. So, we're really lucky that she watches him :)

Anyway, then I spent my day taking care of Ethan, wrecking our clean house and working on Sophia's Halloween costume- another post about this fiasco will be coming later. 
After a while I started dinner

and had a crazy snack

And made myself this AMAZING cake with the help of my minions. It worked out perfectly because we had a 3 and a 2 candle left over from the kid's birthdays this year and last year. Haha-nothing like recycling!

We had fondue for dinner, using the pot Daniel got me two years ago for my birthday. It was a lot of work. We did lots of dipping options this year, some roasted veggies, sausage, apples and a baguette that I made- it tasted good but was way to flat- maybe someone will get me a baguette pan for Christmas, hint hint Daniel Coombs. 

The keiki helped  open my present. Danny got me a 50mm lens!!! I've really been wanting one so I can up my photo game!
Sophia made me the world's sweetest card

And Michael drew "a mess" in the middle of it. Haha
I had a ton of fun trying out my new lens!!!! Its going to take some serious practice though!

Check out how shallow that field of focus is!!

Then Daddy read stories 
And then everyone snugged in for bed, except Ethan, who decided he may never sleep ever again, and instead he will stay up all night and drive his mom and dad crazy.