Sunday, August 10, 2014

A sink fix and some Dixie's

Sunday funday! We went to church ate at the bakery then came home and it was a million degrees in our house!!! 

Dad and Daniel put in a quick fix for the leaky sink. It's hard to believe, but the metal and pipes of our sink are actually rotting too :/ looks like I get our new one sooner than we expected!!! And sooner than we budgeted for :( we'll see if I can get one with free prime shipping from Amazon...

Their 20 minute project turned into almost 4 hours, but after we went down to Dixie's and grilled some hotdogs.

In other exciting news:
Lil Mikey found his feet yesterday!!! Mommy milestone :)

And one more closing pic of sheer adorable ness from earlier today! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend.