Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hurricane schmuricane

Whelp, Iselle was a bust. So much for getting our insurance to pay for a new roof. Lol! The worst part of the storm was all the Guy Hagi memes flying around Instagram. Haha.

At least I got a day off work and we got a ton of house stuff done. 

I decided I hated 'Provence Cream' soI repainted   the kid's room in 'eggnog'  it's soo much better color wise, but it has a matte finish, so....

Dark on the left, light on the right

I also went crazy and started the hallway

Daniel and my dad went crazy and tore up a bunch of AstroTurf :/

Then we went to Take's and dropped what felt like 2 million dollars on floor fixing stuff. 

My super adorable kids woke up like this 

Hung out together

Then finally crashed..