Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesdays with Sophia and Michael

Hurricane prepping is annoying. Here's a lovely computer screenshot of what we're in for. Also Daniel is refusing to do anything, so lets hope he's right and this is all for nothing, because we can all agree that camping by yourself on the beach is great. Camping with two kids invite rain is going to suck. And since our power goes out if you even look at it wrong, I can only assume at some point this week, we will lose power.

Anyway, this adorable little guy fought off a giant grizzly bear today :)

I went to pick up my mom at the airport because no one bothered to tell me that she wouldn't be there. Sigh. Then I stopped on the middle of the road to take this picture because it was BEAUTIFUL!!!

We have a whole wall of these flowers in our yard that are blooming right now and smell DELISH!!!

Our kids being super cute.

Airport self or while attempting to pick up Nana from the second and third flight. It didn't happen though.

And some remodel progress.

Most importantly, a pic with no flash so you can see how crazy dark it really is.

An with the floor 'sample' hopefully it gets here soooooon!

Wish us luck with our impending natural disaster :)