Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's going to be one of those days


Mr. Michael decided that we needed to get up at 4am today. Needless to say, after that mom fell back asleep. I missed my regular alarm and woke up super late. 

Soph woke up asking for Aunty Anna and climbed into our bed around 4:45. 

I asked Daniel to help me get Michael ready, to which he went into the bathroom and said "oh look, there's a gecko on your hairbrush" hooray.
At least it was a baby one

By some miracle, I actually made it to work on time. It's a really still day again, so the water is super flat, yet somehow you can still smell a slight sea breeze. It's really making me want to move to Alaska. Haha. The grass is always greener, I guess. Anyway, that can never be a reality because no matter how many times I bring it up, my seasick husband does not want to be a commercial fisherman. Ha.

This morning's view from the parking lot. you can barely see in the ocean in the pic, but in real life it's there and its practically yelling at me "don't go to work today!!! don't go!!!"
And now I've spent my whole morning doing pointless data work that somebody should have written a computer program to do long ago. Uuugh. some days!!!