Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

This week was possibly the hardest week of 2014 so far. Unfortunately, it looks like November is off to a rough start too. In better news, we had a great Halloween, I was just too worn out to put very much energy into documenting it, so we have very few pics.

We carved pumpkins with some friends of ours who grew up in various place where Halloween is not celebrated, and thus had never carved pumpkins before. All free hand, to instill in our 2 year old the value of creative thinking ;)
Aunty Becky took a family shot before we all headed out Trick-Or-Treating.
Our little Princess Cat had to help push the stroller :)

Our little mouse finally crashed at the end of the night. 

November 1st, Sophia ate ALL her candy (With a lot of help from her Daddy). So we got that all out of the way at once. And we had a ton of deer in the yard.