Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lucky we live Molokai

Today I had a long meeting with a coworker on the mainland. Blah blah the conversation eventually led to "so you really like living/working on Molokai and you really don't want to move back to the mainland?" 

Hell no, I wouldn't rather live on the mainland!! Are you kidding?!? 

Haha. That being said, maybe I'm a weirdo, but I seriously live living here. Sometimes it takes talking to a stranger to remind me of that... I find myself unconsciously bragging about our empty beaches, uninterrupted scenery and the insane diversity between east west and mountain.

it's the perfect place to raise kids and living here reminds you every. Single. Day. Of what's really important in life. 

Or how there's some sort of hard to explain independent spirit that just exists in everyone here. 

Or how it's just old school. In so many ways.

Or how we walk our dog to the world's highest sea cliffs- you could travel every inch of the WHOLE WORLD and you would never find higher sea cliffs. THAT'S AMAZING! Haha etc etc. I could go on and on blabbing for hours.

i would have been very hesitant to say this before since my heart always belonged to sandrock hill in Big Spring, MO ;) But I really think I live in the most beautiful place in earth.

Well, what a lame sappy emotional post. Hahahaha! Feel free to make fun of me, but sometimes ya gotta just put out there how you feel. Which I could have just summed up in 4 words... Lucky we live Molokai.