Sunday, March 15, 2015

Public Right of Way Beach Day!

This Saturday we had a much needed beach day. The kids both have runny noses, so I was hoping the sun and the sea air would help clear them up. No luck on that yet, but we still had a nice day! 

We went with some friends, and the funny thing was, we're all getting really picky about beaches. Haha. West end is too dangerous in the winter and we didn't want to have to keep such a close eye on the kids. Sophia didn't want to go to the "bumpy road" beach, which is otherwise known as Hale O'Lono .  We always go to 20 mile, Dixie's is murky, and Halawa was too far away. haha. Hawaii problems! Anyway, we settled on Pukoo, but once we got there it was super windy and kinda crowded (aka about 10 people). So we ended up at Public Right of Way again, not my favorite beach by any means, but it's great for the kids and dogs and we had a very nice day. 
Michael and Sophia played together in the sand. 

Danny had to chase the kids.

Gorgeous view

A girl's best friend.

view from the shady spot