Sunday, August 2, 2015

Stitch Fix Take II

So after about a year off, I decided to try Stitch Fix again. I think it's working about as well as my Netflix algorithm for suggested shows. Haha. Or maybe I just have a weird undefinable and completely random style.

First up was the Bay to Baubles 'Tomas Crystal Charm Necklace'. Four years of living on Molokai has made me really only like hand made shell jewelry, but this was nice, it looks a little cheap, but after searching on Etsy for a similar handmade one to no avail, I just kept it.
Bay to Baubles 'Tomas Crystal Charm Necklace'
Next was the Fun2Fun 'Dublin Bow Back Blouse'. It was ok, the cut was boxy and pattern was dated and ugly. Verdit:Sent it back
Fun2Fun 'Dublin Bow Back Blouse'

Fun2Fun 'Dublin Bow Back Blouse'
After that was the 19 Cooper 'Delores Scoop Neck Blouse'. I don't know if I ever would have picked this out in a store or online shopping for myself, but that's the fun of Stitch Fix. The fit was loose, but nice, the color is nice, and the fabric is ok. Verdict:Keeper
19 Cooper 'Delores Scoop Neck Blouse'

19 Cooper 'Delores Scoop Neck Blouse'.
The fourth item was this Creative Commune 'Dalia Ribbon Strap Blouse' I liked everything about it except the pattern, it was ok, just didn't love it.
Creative Commune 'Dalia Ribbon Strap Blouse'

Creative Commune 'Dalia Ribbon Strap Blouse'
And the final piece was the RD Style 'Korina Maxi Dress' The fit was ok, the style was ok, but I already own a lot of maxi dresses and the pattern was pretty busy. So, I sent it back.
RD Style 'Korina Maxi Dress'
Now, writing this post is making me realize I need a haircut and a new camera ;) Hint, Hint, Daniel Coombs. In case anyone wants to try Stitch Fix, here's a link: Stitch Fix