Saturday, June 25, 2016

Oahu Dermatologist Trip

We're off to Oahu again, this time for dermatologist appointments. Our doctor had some sort of medical emergency and hasn't been practicing for the last year(???) maybe. We were going to refer to someone else on Maui finally, but they called last month and said he's back, so I'm sure he lost many patients already and he was really good, so we decided to go anyway. 

Our flight left at 7:45 which was early for our little buggahs! We had to leave our house before 7. We flew Makani Kai which was really nice! As usual, the kids say bye to Uncle Korpi as we fly by the tower, regardless of weather he's actually working thy day or not. Haha.

We got to sit in the very front, and it was a really nice day to fly. Molokai is gorgeous from the air!!!

We got to swoop in a circle over the south shore before heading northwest to Oahu, so that was really cool. 
Even after 5 years of living here it still never ceases to amaze me how INSANE it is that Oahu is 20some miles away, and yet it's like 2 different worlds, or countries, or times or something!!!! It's still so crazy to me. 

South shore Molokai vs. south shore Oahu

The one bad thing about flying Makani Kai is getting to the rental car. They don't have a shuttle anymore, so we had to take a cab TO our car. 😑 then we stopped at McDonalds for a quick breakfast and went to Queens for our appointments. A classic parking garage photo:

After that we headed to Target, where I, unfortunately, blew all our money... Then we dropped off some stuff at the PEM shop and went to Dairy Queen in Pearl City. Heaven on Earth! Haha. a pregnant Midwesterner from Molokai anyway...

After that we checked in to our hotel and these knuckleheads played in the pool for a little bit while I walked around the mall and bought a year's supply of truck air fresheners and scented candles. Haha! Who does that?!?!? This pregnancy is making me crazy! 😂

More Oahu madness to come tomorrow!