Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Baby Number 3: 30 Week Update

Yesterday made 30 weeks! 

Baby is about the size of a cabbage, or so says my app, but by feeling the lumps in my stomach, this kid is a pretty big cabbage. My app also estimates 2.75 pounds. which is probably what my mother's intuition would guess also. It says baby can hiccup, but I'm not feeling what I felt with the other two.

Still not kicking as much or as active as Sophia or Michael. This baby kind of freaks out for a few seconds then nothing. But maybe it just feels different because he's facing the wrong direction...I hope so at least.

Michael is still a huge Momma's boy and gets territorial of his bottle and crib already- sigh. But Sophia is super excited and can't wait to have another little minion. She still wants to name the baby "Lovey Baby" and asks to hug/kiss/ rub my belly/get the baby to kick her at least once every single day.

10 more weeks and couldn't be more excited to meet this kid!! But also pretty stressed out about the amount of things we need to accomplish in the next few weekends!